Friday, May 14, 2010

The Corruptionists In Squeaky Clean Pakatan

Hantu Laut

Look like more PKR elected representatives would have to go walkabout soon if the flare up continue on the question of corruptions revealed here.

Malaysians who think these godsend saviours who are going to rescue this country from the clutches of the corrupt BN monsters should think again.Are we going to get what they promised? A corruption free Malaysia or are we being duped to believe that these morally upright people are going to deliver what they say?

The oligarchs.The most powerful father and son team that control the DAP and Pakatan.

They are only at state level at the moment.What would the scenario be when they take over Puterajaya with much bigger treasury and with tentacles all over the nation?

Would they become a new group of hungry monsters and replicate what the old monsters did?

Woo Choo Keong and Manikavasagam could next be on the firing line or they can declare themselves independent, depending how angry the three Ibrahims are with the two for washing their dirty linens in public.

More theatric here.


eddy said...

Squeaky Clean Pakatan Bro? He, he these people are a joke...they accuse others of corruption but the slightest chance they get they will do exactly what they accuse other people of doing and worse.

Better to choose the Devil(BN) I know then a seemingly angel we don't know which would turn out to be a double headed snake(PR) later.

Y1 said...

So we continue to vote for BN so that they can clean up whatever there is left?

What is the solution? Give more power to an already corrupt regime?

Check & Balance. Better to have 2 strong parties than one that goes unchecked.