Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Do Not Appoint Karpal,It Will Be Another Circus

Hantu Laut

It's typical of Pakatan.The usual bankrupt of constructive ideas.They are going to make another Teo Beng Hock case out of another tragic death.

The late Amirulrashid's family should not appoint Karpal Singh as their lawyer to handle the case.He would not do justice to the case but would use every possible means available to politicise the case and make a circus out of it to give Pakatan maximum mileage out of the family miseries.The family should be given an independent lawyer that has no political affiliation.Someone, who can do the job professionally.Karpal is a politician at odds with the police and the government.

Considering the family may not have the money to engage a lawyer some good Samaritan lawyer can represent the family pro bono or if that is not possible a fund could be set up to raise the money for the family.

Karpal and his ilk in Pakatan should be ashamed that they are taking up the case not out of sincere concern for the family but to turn the case a cause celebre to hit back at Najib and the BN.

It is sad that morality play is not in the blood of these Malaysian politicians.

The family may come to regret it if they keep Karpal, because he is going to turn the trail into another circus.


vinnan said...

All you UMNO bastards care about is your own political hide. I used to teach boys like Aminulrasyid. It is not easy trying to discipline 14 year old teenagers but nothing in the world can justify shooting the boy unless he was in the act of killing someone.

The fucking IGP even have the audacity to threaten to pull the police off the streets so as to cow Malaysians into silence. Who is the IGP if not an UMO appointee. You think the parents of Aminulrasyid do not understand that only with an experienced like Karpal Singh in criminal matters can justice be served for their poor boy.

Hantu Laut said...


You were a teacher before? Shocking.I bet all your students learned a lot of your good manners and polite language.

eddy said...

1. Ya bro, we do not want to see another opposition led circus like the one we are having at the late TBH inquest.

I hope the family of Allahyarham Aminul would reconsider their decision in appointing people who are opposition first and lawyers second. If they really want justice for Aminul then it is best that they appoint lawyers who are apolitical, there are no shortage of good senior lawyers who can be neutral to protect the interest of the family.

2. Vinnan(the teacher?) said Karpal is the only one who can deliver justice to the family of the late Aminul. Rich statement considering Karpal and his lawyers had effectively delayed justice for Saiful in Anwar's sodomy trial with so many stoppages, and the TBH inquest will soon break the world record for its long duration.

So does the family think Karpal and his lawyers will ensure swift justice? I do not think so.

I think Justice delayed is Justice denied is it not so vinnan?

Anonymous said...

HL and Eddy,

Yes, the two of you do not want to see an opposition led circus, but you definitely sound like more than welcome a Royal Circus led by the government ?

Tell me how can a car be in reverse gear when it was up on a road shoulder wedged between two trees and a wall with extensive damages to the front of the vehicle ? Furthermore the driver got killed by a bullet through the brain, which means that action would be his last !

Who told that story ? When an authority is telling something that is obviously contradictory, you expect ordinary people like us to believe in it hook, line and sinker ?

Without political pressure, do you actually believe the truth will prevail ?

You two are clowns in the circus, when you run in circles, do not expect others to follow too !