Monday, May 24, 2010

The Untouchable Putra

Hantu Laut

Raja Petra finally crawled out of his secret hideout and openly challenged the Malaysian government to bring charges against him in British courts which he knew very well would not happen.

The Malaysian government would be foolish to even try.He is considered a political refugee not a fugitive criminal.The Brits are not likely to extradite him.

The Malaysian government is caught in a quagmire.They can't get him. They can't get him extradited. The British won't play ball.

Freedom to express oneself and personal liberty may not be a big thing in Malaysia but in the West it has become a religion.

For almost a year the Malaysian Police have no idea where he is, how he left the country and how to get him back.If they do, much to their embarrassment they are keeping mum, knowing to get him back is an exercise in futility.

Those who claimed to have been defamed by him won't get him either.If it is true that he is a bankrupt than you can't sue him.You probably can try but you wouldn't get anything or the court would ask you to refer to the Official Assignee's office.

Based on the roots of Western tradition if a person is persecuted for his or her political opinion or religious belief such person may be given protection by another sovereign nation.I believe he would be accorded such protection.He has been detained under the ISA twice which gives him more than enough reason to be given political asylum in Britain.

I am quite certain the British government has given him assurance of granting him political asylum should the need arises.His mother is Welsh and a British citizen or was a British citizen which removes the hurdles, if any, for him getting asylum in Britain.

Now, that he has resurfaced would he become an even bigger and inextricable thorn in PM Najib's flesh?

So, Raja Petra is sitting pretty in solidity, unchastened,untouchable and ready to renew his war on political corruptions and government impropriety.

We all know London is not a cheap city to visit let alone stay especially if you are earning ringgit.

Maybe, he can reminisce his younger days at the Stringfellows.

So, who is financing his stay in London?


kluangman said...

Mungkin RPK buat kerja kerja 'belakang' untuk menampung sara hidupnya.

Malaysia wajar juga meminta Britain mengeheret RPK balik ke Malaysia dan diberi layanan istimewa ISA atau biar dia reput dengan sendiri di mana sahaja.

Lari kerana salah.
Tangguh kerana salah.
Tunda kerana salah.

Y1 said...

RPK has written many articles on why he does not trust the Malaysian Judiciary and how he has been on the wrong end of their many judgements. I have not read a single refutation from the AG or from the law Ministry.

Until then, the benefit of the doubts must go to RPK and he has rightly sought political/religious refugee status.

Who fund him? At least we know it is not from blatant stolen loots like so many BN politicians and ex BN politicians. In fact if he ask for donations, I would gladly pitch in my two sens.

eddy said...

Best to leave him be Bro, he must have some sponsors allowing him to live happily in London. Even without a sponsor he can apply to be a British citizen if he had not done so already and apply for dole from the UK Government.

I will remember him as orang yang lari kerana benar. He and his dear wife has been punished enough living with the guilt of having a son in Malaysia who abandoned the couple while still young and now languishing in jail.

RPK is no hero to me, just an irresponsible citizen who makes allegation against people and ran away without giving evidence to the courts he is also an irresponsible father and parent. He is immoral and most of his stories are are so twisted that it becomes just plain rubbish. God save anybody who believes this fugitive's crap.

Cucu said...

Let him be.Let him finish his remaining lonely miserable years there.No one is taking him seriously anymore.Let him bark and bark.Out of sight is out of mind.

Wake UP! said...

He is far from lonely and miserable over there. He is free to do whatever he wants. Unlike his pitiful son rotting in prison.


ajimsan said...

Dude... he was born in the UK. He has the right to abode. He can claim benefits... nobody is sponsoring him. If he is sponsored... who cares... just like you.. nobody cares whose sponsoring you. Anyway he was a millionaire last time.

Let him be... and lets push the government on the 40% truth that Mukhriz alledged RPK wrote.