Sunday, May 16, 2010


Hantu Laut

Watch the oppositions.As soon as they feel the result would not be in their favour, the spinners, led by Master Spinner Lim Kit Siang would spin the yarn, why they lost? It is always the same old sob story.Thy were cheated.The BN cheated, the Election Commission cheated, pork-barreling, not level playing field and you name it, a litany of wrongs that's not of their making but Najib and his band of no good lackeys.

Najib came to Sibu twice in a week, unprecedented in previous by-elections when Pak Lah was the prime minister that rendered the BN a string of losses.

After drenching the place with all kinds of donation and promises of projects to come to protect his fixed deposit Najib should be aware that if he loses this hard fought battle it may be the end of his premiership come next general elections.If Sarawak and Sabah show the slightest mutinous tendency Najib should start visualising what the future beholds.

This Foochow's land can spring a surprise for him.

If you don't read history than you wouldn't know what the title means.Anway, with today's technology the answer is only a click away.


i2iman said...

The PR can continuing dreaming-when they win it IN SPITE of the BN's "whole sale cheating", if they lose it is BECAUSE of the same. They Fail to or Refuse to admit to their frailities I have friends in PR, but can they deliver? The answer is no. Bn lost many seats during last GE because the Rakyat were angry, but the PM is currently doing a good job. I have always voted for the opposition in past elections, but come the next election BN has my vote.

Chairman Kaga said...


eddy said...

If Najib and his merry advisors had really numerically analysed the Hulu Selangor and Bagan by-election Najib should not have even bothered to come to Sibu bearing gifts.

The result from the 2008 General election showed waning political support for the BN by the Chinese.The Sibu byelection in 2010 only confirmed that the Chinese are united in their increasing support of the DAP. If Najib and his advisors thinks that showering gifts and promises of development to the Chinese for their political support then they are seriously deluding themselves. The BN must find other ways to win back Chinese lost support the old way do not work.

It also goes to show that if Najib wants BN to win big in the next GE then he will have to give help to Malaysians who would genuinely appreciate his help the majority Malays and Bumis, the Dayaks, Ibans,the Kadazans and the Indian community. Najib must not give the impression that he is giving much attention just to people who claimed that as a group they pay more taxes than anybody else, but to groups who does not earn as much but are more than willing to sacrifice their energy and time and sometimes even their lives for the security and safety of this country good enough for it to continue being a peaceful place to work and live.

The DAP Sibu campaign was devisiveness at its worse, its all about winning at any cost even dividing the normally harmonious society in Sibu, the repercussion will reverberate in Sibu a long time after this by-election is over,D AP campaigning in Sibu was devisive and played up the fears of the mainly Chinese Christians in Sibu by playing up the issue of "ALLAH" and the burning of the Indonesian Language Bible which did not even happen. I hope that in the interest of national harmony recordings of the DAP ceramahs are investigated to find elements of seditions and charge the perpetrator. Freedom of speech in a parliamentary democracy in a multiracial and multi religious Malaysia must have its limits and the Police must do their job without fear or favor not just giving warnings which nobody bothers to heed.

DAP win in Sibu was hard fought, and the BN marginal lost showed a deeply divided Sibu. One thing for sure with the added MP seat, Anwar Ibrahim's tenure as Opposition Leader is untenable. In the interest of parliamentary democracy the head of the biggest opposition party should lead and Anwar should step down voluntarily and pass the baton to Lim Kit Siang who is now the rightful Opposition Leader.

Tumbawa said...

Just to express my agreement with the Hantulaut's statement:

"After drenching the place with all kinds of donation and promises of projects to come to protect his fixed deposit Najib should be aware that if he loses this hard fought battle it may be the end of his premiership come next general elections."

Najib made the mistake of getting involved with the Sibu by-election in a big way. The Sarawak MB was sidelined, and was hardly there in Sibu. Now, I suppose, Taib Mahmud can say that they lost because of Najib's presence? If he said that, he wouldn't be far wrong. Whatever his deficiencies (and there are several), Taib at least understood the situation in Sibu better than Najib and his band of semenanjung politicians, whose party (UMNO) does not even have a toehold in Sarawak.

The second big mistake Najib made was to promise money to the Chinese and their interests (something which Hantulaut pointed out not only above, but more specifically, in an earlier posting). The indigenous Malay/Melanau and Iban communities were neglected (with regard to the Malay-Melanau community, see also the report in Harakah). The money made no impact on the relatively wealthy Chinese, and, as suggested by Hantulaut, may even have an adverse effect. The impoverished indigenous people, who were justifiably envious of what the Chinese were promised, reacted to this by either voting for the DAP, or, as is more likely the case, by simply boycotting the election.

Najib even made the further mistake of bringing his fat singing wife along. The proverb "it ain't over till the fat lady sings" is seen in several twitters with regard to the Sibu by-election, and is especially pertinent here. Singing songs is not a panacea to the real problems of the electorate. Besides, his wife is perhaps the most unpopular politician's wife in the whole of Malaysia: more unpopular than Taib Mahmud's late wife Laila ever was. Perhaps, we should change the Latin phrase veni, vidi, vici to "she came, she sang, they lost"?

Najib should have left the election campaigning to his Deputy, which was the common practice in the past. He didn't. Perhaps he had a bloated sense of his own popularity after his involvement with the Hulu Selangor election campaign? Now, I am afraid, he's on his way to being removed as Prime Minister either before or shortly after the next general election.

Anonymous said...

This is a season for "foot in mouth" disease.

Blatant disregard for rules and law of the election processes just because they are the government !

Openly bribing for votes, remeber, Rejang Park is not a place for the PM to come to ? Making 5m deals with taxpayers money ? What kind of insult is these ?

Postal votes saved the day by reducing the number of majority, if not, this slap on the face from the Sibuan is going to be so hard, it may just spin BN to become NB ( nobody) in Sarawak hereon.