Wednesday, June 16, 2010

DAP Gone Mad

Hantu Laut

So, it looks like not a cabinet's decision yet or is Najib making a 360-degree round turn on the issue of overseas scholarship for Malaysian students.At least, he is listening to the rumble on the ground.He says student's aid to continue

Meanwhile, DAP has gone really berserk

This is the first time in the history of this country's politics or for that matter anywhere else in the world I have ever heard of such ridiculous practice.Maybe, DAP should learn to spell D E M O C R A C Y and learn the actual meaning of the word and take a closer look at our Constitution and our political system.

Who is the elected representative, the individual or the party? There is no doubt he was elected on DAP ticket but our Constitution only recognise the individual not the party as the elected entity.

I am against party hopping but if such person refused to resign there is nothing the party can do except wait till the next elections to let the people decide.

Resigned and pay RM5 million for any elected representative leaving the party. Can such contract stand in a court of law?

Hee Yit Foong left over a year ago why was there no disclosure that she has signed such an agreement then?

Maybe, former judge NH Chan can help with some legal advice.


Anonymous said...

What kind of democracy are you talking about ? The ADUN'S choice are sacrosanct and has precedents over the voters who elected him/her ? Once elected in place, any ADUN can do what he likes ?

Anti-hoping laws must be enacted to stop all these kinds of stupidities from both sides.

May be with this kind of so called mad move from DAP, a law may be enacted in the future for any elected representatives to wish to change sides, he/her must first choose to resign and allow the voters to choose again; he/her may contest if so wishes.

Please talk about true democracy and not lopsided tainted kind.

eddy said...

Bro, the DAP has never been a democratic party it is just a PAP franchise held by Uncle Lim since 1969 and after like almost 40 years at the helm he will be passing the baton to his son Guan Eng, this is nepotism at its finest.The only thing Democratic with the DAP is the word "Democratic" at the front.

I hope they will sue YB Hee and YB Keshwinder in court where the whole DAP undemocratic ways will be exposed with or without NH Chan's legal opinion.

Hantu Laut said...


I agree with you in that respect.Therefore, until such law is passed in Parliament what DAP is doing may be deemed illegal.Our constitution provide for freedom of association.

Based on our political system it is the individual not the party the elected representative.

If he refused to resign there is nothing the party can do except wait until the next elections where the people will decide.

I believe, a pre-signed letter of resignation and any form of agreement is illegal.

SM said...

Bro Eddy,

I respect your views a lot. However, fair is fair...I refer to your comment..."he will be passing the baton to his son Guan Eng, this is nepotism at its finest".

So tell me...Najib (son of Razak), Hishamuddin (son of Tun Hussein, nephew of Razak & cousin of Najib), Mukhriz (son of Mahatir), KJ (son-in-law of Badawi)...this does not take into account the sons in MCA, Gerakan & MIC who have been put in place by their fathers.

When in comes to nepotism (& cronisym & corruption...the list is too long!), no one can beat UMNO & the BN!

eddy said...

Hi SM, aah there is a big difference, all the BN Father and son dynasty does not come immediately after the father. Eg when When Hussein Onn was PM, Hishamuddin was not in the political picture he only became Minister during Dr Mahathir's time after Hussein retired. When Tun Razak was PM, Najib was not in the political picture coming in only after Tun Razak died, Hussein Onn appointed Najib as minister. Same with mukriz he only became Deputy Minister under PM Najib long after Dr Mahathir retired as PM. These are not nepotism Bro.

Maybe slightly technically nepotism is when son in law KJ became Umno youth Deputy under PM Sleepy head..but then there is no blood ties even, its only held by a marriage certificate.

Nepotism is when a presiding political leader like DAP Lim Guan Eng chose his son Guan Eng to succeed him as Secretary General above more qualified and popular DAP leaders. That is what I meant by nepotism at its finest.

You know even Lee Kuan Yew did not appoint his son Hsien Loong as Prime Minister after him, he damn well know that people will label it as nepotism. He asked Goh Chok Tong to come in first..only when Chok Tong retires was Lee Hsien Loong duly appointed as PM of Singapore.Lee Kuan Yew is retired when Hsien Loong became PM.

To be qualified to be termed as nepotism in this instance, the father(leader) must be in power making the decision favoring his siblings and relatives or close friends.


SM said...

Bro Eddy,

As the saying goes (Shakespeare I think)..."a rose by any other name smells just as sweet".
I said the BN is corrupted, etc, etc...I did not say the BN was stupid bah. They know exactly how to do their corrupted ways & their "nepotism" down to a fine scinece!

Anonymous said...

I remember reading some time ago about PAS asking their rep to divorce their wife if they change party or something to the effect. Can someone correct me if I am wrong?