Monday, June 14, 2010

Jews Go Home ? The Helen Thomas Tragedy

Hantu Laut

It is alright to kill Palestinian men,women and children but the moment you mentioned anything objectionable about the Jews the whole Western hypocrisy exploded in your face.

Veteran White House journalist Helen Thomas learned that bitter lesson for making what the Western world termed as antisemitism.

Watch the video below.

In the words of Racheal Saclar "It’s hard to hear the words “The Jews of Germany and Poland” and not think of anything but the millions and millions of Jews who were incarcerated, enslaved, tortured, starved and exterminated in the Holocaust." "Which means that, sad as I am, Helen Thomas can no longer be a hero to me."

What about the Palestinians, displaced from their homeland, bombed, killed, locked in by blockade in their own country for choosing a government that the Jews and the Western powers are not happy with.Are their lives worth less than that of the Jews?

Helen Thomas, a 90 year old lady with 67 years career in journalism has to resign because Western hypocrisy and double standard wouldn't allow her to pass for speaking the truth.

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