Monday, June 14, 2010

Sorry Babe! Ain't Got No Money For The Kids Education

Hantu Laut

Got money to build RM800 million palace, got money to build RM800 million new parliament house, got money to bail out the corrupt-laden PKFZ, but ain't got no money for bright students.

Why should we worry about education.We should all join UMNO and become the perfect politician.

Vision 2020 is fucked! Take a time travel back to 1920 with Commander Nazri Aziz.

Read it tomorrow here.


eddy said...

Nazri is at it again..putting his foot in his mouth.

PM Najib must really tell this expired shelf life Minister to just shut his trap and let the Minister of Education and DPM to talk about scholarships.

SM said...


Nazri does not make "policy changes". It's "supposed" to be the Cabinet that does that, although we "know" it's ultimately the "PM" that makes the final decision.
Don't shoot the messanger for the message bah...

Hantu Laut said...

I know that.Read my complete posting today.