Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bad English: RPK Protected By British Government

Hantu Laut

First, listen to the group 'Bad English' with its haunting version of "When I see you smile"

The article below is taken from Malaysian Instinct, presumably a pro UMNO blog.

RPK's grandfather from his Welsh side would be kicking in his grave to read what follows.

PostHeaderIcon RPK Protected By British Government

By Tarmizi Md. Jam

Anwar trip to prison is around the corner after opposition strategies and tactics to win the election have become chaotic due to falling into their own trap.

Anwar is desperate and had to kneel down explained to his master at the west, the reason that he critised Zionist. However, it is unclear why Anwar need to apologised and explained for critising Zionist.

Until now the only answer that Anwar could replied is APCO related to Israel....Hmmm..never mind, just assume thast he do not understand the question. That is why he only barely made it graduating from the university. (geli hati)

It is difficult to debate with stupid, arrogant and crazy person including one of the main mover in PKR, Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK).

RPK was caught in the act for spreading a picture that feature him, Bala and other PKR leaders in London. Now he had to change his strategy to cover up his mistake by challenging Malaysia to arrest him in London.

To provoke Malaysia, he spread more picture of him with Bala and other PKR leaders showing that they are bond to each other. The picture also proved that PKR is the sponsor for RPK and Bala.

To cover up his mistake, RPK wrote a new script that Rosmah is sponsoring Bala to continue their manupilation towards PKR supporters. The same script also played by other PKR representatives in hoping the government will be shock.

At the end, PKR realised the script is not logic because if Rosmah sponsored Bala, for sure she is also sponsoring the crazy RPK to defame herself.

A new order came from PKR to write another script that RPK is not hiding like coward but protected by British government.

Looks like his old mental problems had reoccured due to his work load of lying. RPK is living in his dream that he is not running from the law but as a political fugitive.

Why should Britain protect a criminal like RPK who is not a leader of a country, organisation and family. Continue reading.

More "Bad English" below.

More bad English here.

We all are not prefects. Sorry ! I mean perfect we are not.

The fallout of our education system.


Anonymous said...

The writer must learn English first before writing in English. This must be the product of our our present education system, you are nowhere there no here. How pathetic.

Pak Tua

Purple Haze said...

The unfortunate thing is that unknowing readers of "Bad English" might assume that such English is acceptable (since it is published).

This makes the issue worse.

Anonymous said...

those pro-umno malays just love to show their bodoh-ness...


SM said...

Bro HL,

I seriously think that the BN Govt. is "sabotaging" our Education System on purpose!
Why? easy...first-off keep the Bumis poor & naive so that they continue to support UMNO. Next try to keep the non-Bumis as ignorant & naive as possible also, so that they continue to support the lap-dog parties i.e. MIC. MCA, Gerakan & PPP.
After all, where do you think these BN MPs' children study? In Malaysia? Where do you think Najib's children are studying? Where do you think the Royalty send their children to study? Most of them go to the UK or the US bah...fully sponsored by the Government!

Anonymous said...

Isn't Tarmizi Mat Jan a PAS blogger who hangs around Tawakal Hospital?

eddy said...

Its not that bad Bro, at least the guy tried and I do believe that he has successfully wrote what he has in his mind on his blog in English. The fact that he could string sentences in English quite coherently showed that he is about half way there. Just need sharpening maybe listen to BBC or Aljazeera even the Chinese CCTV English news.

I guess it's a hell of a lot better than anon (4pm)... what is that "bodoh ness" and "rpk-rokk" such gobbledygook from another pakatan fan boy fresh out of vernacular school I presume.

If anybody want bad English here's a song by Joe Dolce "Shadup Your Face" which went to No.1 in the UK top40 in the early 80's:

"When I was a boy just abouta fiftha grade, Mama used to say don'ta stay out alate,With the badda boys, always shoota pool, Guiseppi goin-ta flunka school

Boy it make-a me sick, everyting I gotta do,I can'ta getta no kicks, always gotta follow rules
Boy it make-a me sick, just to make-a lousy bucks.Gotta a feela like a fool

And the mama used to say all the time, What'sa matter you, hey, gotta no respect,Whatta you tink you do, why you looka so sad
Itsa not so bad, Itsa nice-a place, Ahh shaddupa you face

That'sa my mama, can you remember, big accordian solo,Ah-hah, play that thing, really nice, really nice

But soona come a day, gonna be-a bigga star,Thenna make a TV shows and the movies, Getta myself a new car
But still I be myself, I don'ta wanta to change a ting, Stilla dance anda sing,And think about the mama, she used to say

What'sa matter you, hey, gotta no respect,Whatta you tink you do, why you looka so sad,Itsa not so bad, Itsa nice-a place, Ahh shaddupa you face."

This is true Bro,the song went to No.1, I was doing A-levels at that time then.

Hantu Laut said...

Joe Dolce is a comedian.Done purposely in bad English just to rhyme.Nice song, though!

Malaysian Instinct, whoever started it to be pro-UMNO blog is not doing justice to the party.If he is paid by UMNO than it is sad, they are scrapping the bottom of the barrel.

The one I put on my blog is just one of many.Go to the blog and see for yourself the number of badly written articles.

For you there is no problem, you can discern the difference. I agree with Purple Haze that the uninitiated and ignorance would think that's proper English.

Anyway, I am putting up Joe Dolce's video.It is nice song for children's entertainment, except the lyric.

eddy said...

Ya Bro, we should have stuck to the English and Malay Medium streams where students and their parents have a choice. Political expediency caused the English Stream to be sacrificed because in the seventies the vernacular Chinese and Indian schools were dying as most parents sent their children to English stream schools. So the powers that be at that time were somehow forced to abort the English Stream so that the vernacular schools would prosper.

Dr Mahathir introduced the English stream through PPSMI learning of Maths and Science in English but that was when he was retiring and was not able to hold the PPSMI, he should have introduced it in 1985 when he first made PM. PPSMI was again sacrificed under pressure from the Language extremists and for political expediency. As long as the leaders of our country decide education policies on how many votes they can get, most of our young will never write good English, be integrated and the nation will be further divided.

That is why I support the Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua Idea with Bahasa Melayu as the uniting language, English as the technical language and every body takes a compulsory second language Mandarin, Tamil, French or German.

Well anyway, I understand your message Bro but too bad we have to live with blogs such as you mentioned, the education system and the politicians from both sides of the political divide is to be blamed for this education mess.