Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Is Raja Petra Sitting On Top Of The World ?

Hantu Laut

Is Raja Petra Kamaruddin or popularly known as RPK a thorn in Najib's flesh, a spanner in his works and an adversary beyond reach?

He is, maybe, not in that order.He is taunting the Malaysian government to "catch me if you can"

RPK, always quoting Sun Tzu as his mentor and source of inspiration.Even James Clavell has made simple Sun Tze's tactical warfare in his book "The Art Of War'.It's was the best layman's interpretation in simplest English of Sun Szu's war strategy.

Is RPK, by Sun Tzu's definition, a warrior or a coward who ran away from a war he started?

When I was young I have always been told, if unsure, to always walk away from a fight, to fight another day.You don't need Sun Tzu to tell you that, it's simple common sense, never take on a more formidable opponent.

David and Goliath may exists in the Bible, a small man with mythical power of the sling that can down a giant.Today, the slings, the bows and arrows are no match for the guns.Might is right.Right is not always right.

The pen mightier than the sword is still true as steel.Just as formidable it can cut you down to pieces.It can kill your career.It can demolish governments.It can change the world for better or for worse.

Half of BN's problems today could be credited to RPK's ability and creativity to mix a hodgepodge of truths, lies and fictions.Because, the government credibility is so low, even the lies have become the truths.

To the uninitiated, young and restless they are nothing but the truths.For those unhappy with the way this country is being run they are nothing but the truths.For the Malay masses who see their names being dragged around and used for the benefits of a few they are nothing but the truth.For the Indians and Chinese who felt marginalised they are nothing but the truth.

Truth is where it hurts the BN's government the most.Most people of average intelligence can separate the lies from the truths. The ignorant and unlearned persons may be less discerning and are harmless than the ones who know better.

The more the government want to clamp down on freedom to speak, freedom of the press and freedom of association the more critical would be the backlash.

We are seeing a radical change in the politics of this country but unfortunately we are not seeing any serious reform within the government to accept the changes. They are still completely immersed in authoritarian and totalitarian behaviour.

I am a supporter of the BN concept of power sharing and accept that UMNO is the lead partner in the coalition.I do not support UMNO per se, I support the concept.I think it is the most ingenious idea of former prime minister, the late Tun Razak Hussein.

I do not support arrogance and wielding power born out of intense sense of insecurity. If those in power think that's how they can silence the restive, the restless and intimidate the people into submission than they ought to think again. Seriously, have they got the right formula to endear the people to them or in everything they do they are actually driving the people away from them?

The recent refusal to renew the publishing permit of PKR's mouthpiece is not good news, not not for PKR or Pakatan but not good for the government.It is good news for PKR and Anwar Ibrahim because the people would see it in a negative light.Surely, "ditindas" would be the word on everybody's mouth.The government has absolutely no reason not to renew the permit.Has anyone not think of damage control? Are there no more people in authority using the thinking cap?

The false reporting of Felda as being bankrupt by Suara Keadilan was no reason not to renew the permit.Felda is suing the publication and the government should allow the process to be settled in court and not use its arbitrary power to muffled the party's organ.Let the court and the people decide who is the liar.

What with Raja Petra?

Leave him alone.Let him be.All the publicity of wanting to catch him is just making him more popular. The government is giving him too much good publicity and itself bad ones.If there were a by-election today and he stood as an independent he may even win.That's how much ado over nothing the government has given him and people are giving credence to his writing because those in power are too lazy to counter his allegations.All they want to do is to arrest him.

Just look who are the bloggers? How many are sympathetic and are prepared to defend the government.How many members of UMNO who are bloggers and are prepared to defend their leaders.All they do all day long are chasing their leaders for contracts.It's all about money and more money.Does UMNO think they deserve to win with this kind of political culture?

I would say almost 80 percent of political commentators who visit political blogs and news portals are pro-opposition.

Since the fallout in March 2008 the BN government has done nothing to increase the use of the Internet to boost their declining influence.What a single man like Raja Petra can do, UMNO with mountain of resources can't.

If you were Pakatan Rakyat wouldn't you want to engage him, be his friend, love him and pay him,whatever? Why are UMNO complaining when Pakatan leaders are seen with him or finance his stay in Britain? Is there anything illegal? Why not some UMNO leaders go to see him and try to woo him to their side.Every man has a price. I am not saying you should buy him but you can woo him in other ways.Maybe, drop the charges against him and let him return to Malaysia on certain conditions.

We want to check who finance him? Big words.You can't even catch him what more finding out where his money came from. Even, if you know who, what can you do?Arrest the man for parting with his money?

"Cops Working Hard To Bring Raja Petra Back" screamed the inside page of NST today's edition.

CID Chief Bakri Zinin says it is not easy to bring a fugitive back but they are working very hard.He also said that something is wrong in our country may not be so in another country.Very profound, he should have known much earlier and knowing so now he should stop wasting time and money to pursue RPK.

What's the point of wanting to interview Zaid Ibrahim?It is not that Zaid would easily throw up everything he knows? He is a seasoned lawyer and a politician who would meticulously choose what to say.

It would be better if the police can get down to doing real police work like working on many of the unsolved murder and missing children cases.

Anwar Ibrahim may no longer be the cause for change.

Beware of people's power.


Anonymous said...

At last somebody wrote some credible piece worth reading.It is my first posting in any blog and my wait have been justified..

zorro said...

Spot on Sir.

Antares said...

You're an intelligent man endowed with Sang Kancil wisdom. How come you still support Umno? Is it nostalgia?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely spot on. Well done and brilliantly written. People power. That's what the government should be concerned.

Kamen Rider Black~ said...

Dear Hantu Laut, which part of RPK piece of lie that became a truth?

RPK always accompany his allegation with evidence. For some instance, in the case of infiltration of Israeli's intelligence in PDRM, come letters from IGP to PM and so on.

So does the Eurucopter case, the vanishing of PI Bala and many more, all with evidences. Instead of initiate a proper investigation, MACC & SPRM just screw around the clock, which obviously waste of our (taxpayer) money.

Do remember, it's not just BN supporter who pays the taxes (i doubt that mat rempit does), but also PR supporter and people whom don't have any interest in politics.

If the BN really cares for the Rakyat, then, a man such as RPK wouldn't shine. Instead of solving problems, BN creates more problem. Instead of managing our national income properly (such as Petronas taxes)and banished any form of corruption, they legalized sport gambling. Mind you, even if BN legalize gambling or even prostitution (for the sake of non-muslim, or so says BN)or any form of vice, there will never be enough money but it spawns more corruption and problems instead.

if RPK spuns lie and the lie then became the truth (just quoting you)... UMNO's lie which is"UMNO is an Islamic party"?!....this is a obvious lie that wouldn't become the truth no matter how much they wish for.


Anonymous said...

The BN gomen should hire me as their supreme, me, Goh Wei Liang, see how I defend and support any statement or policy come from Tun Mahathir and Najib. I'm the One and only !!

Goh Wei Liang

SM said...


Half of BN's problems is because of RPK? Or am I reading it wrongly? really? Wow! Just look at the list below (copied from Wan bin Abdullah). And as Wan rightly said also, it's not exhaustive!

1) PKFZ White Elephant 14 Billion
2) 7.6 Billion Scorpene tin can (the KD TAR is still docked at the moment...can't seem to do anything!)
3) 500 Million halal commission on Scorpene
4) 810 Million palace balloning to some 1.2 Billion
5) Maltrade II land grab by Naza, costing taxpayers some 2.2 Billion
6) Limbang off shore blocks L and M giveaway to Brunei of 320 Billion (traitors!)
7) Maminco ... cornering the tin market 2.2 Billion
8) Bank Negara Forex fiasco costing ? Billion
9) Perwaja Steel 15 Billion
10) Naval support ships to cost 2.5 Billion so we can do humanitarian service to Indo or Philipines as if earthquakes or volcanoes erupt every month
11) 60,000 APs worth 2.4 Billion given to a few umNOputras
12) 810 Million New Parliment ... Westminster and the White House still standing even after 100s of years (well this was shelved when the people started to ask why!)
13) BMF scandal 4 Billion ... Carrian group ... BMF manager was murdered (one of the many murders)
14) 6.75 billion to PSC Bhd for locally made naval vessels which were never delivered
15) 12.5 billion for economically senseless double tracking railway from Ipoh to the Thai border
16) Altantuya, picked up a stone while walking in KL which turned out to be C4 (how could she have been murdered, when there was no trace of her ever being in Malaysia?!i.e. wiped off Immigration Records...Wow...BN boleh!)
17) Teoh Beng Hock, room too hot, opened window and accidentally fell out!
18) A. Kugan
19) Aminurasyid
20) Nasir Safar's "Chinese prostitutes & Indian beggars"
21) Toyol 24 Million Palace
22) Missing jet engines ... what a joke. Ain't you ashamed to be a Malaysian?
23) Bala's flip flop
24) Perak coup de tat unlawful grab
25) Sodomy I & II
26) MAS shares - Govt bought at $8 ringgit when market price was $3.5 ringgit
27) School classrooms and computer labs - 10 billion, direct nego. How much did the Government actually get?
28) Halal Hub - 2 billion spent, nothing done, only 200 million left
29) Armoured carriers - 8 billion going to be spent. By industry standards, a good armoured car will only cost half a million. Mindef will spend 30 million for each armoured carrier!

Hantu Laut said...


You must have misread.I said I support the BN concept.I don't support UMNO per se.Read again.

Hantu Laut said...

I stand corrected.Most of what you mentioned,rightly or wrongly, was exposed by RPK.

I am not against RPK either, some of his exposes' were true, some are sexed-up and some are hodgepodge of fact and fiction.

Read the latest by P.I.Bala that Baginda is innocent.This guy must have selective memory or lapse of memory.Giving his story by instalments.

SM said...


Yes, I did read it & if I'm not mistaken, he did say that he thought Baginda was innocent some time ago.
He's playing his cards slowly...If I were him I'd take the money they were giving him (I guess he does not get anymore) & disappear (maybe get political assylum in the UK or better still in the US)!
Sooner than later "they" are going to get him (by hook or by crook)!