Thursday, July 29, 2010

More Wild Parties, Down The Champagne With The Pussies

Hantu Laut

ore than 800 million people go to bed hungry every day, 300 million are children.

These children live in the worst imaginable conditions - in overcrowded shacks with dirt floors and no running water or electricity. They play in alleyways covered with sewage and trash. Their parents are often too poor or too ill to keep them fed.

There is no money for food and rarely a chance for these children to see a doctor when they are sick. Something as simple as an ear infection can cause deafness; a cold can lead to pneumonia... and even death.

A child dies every three seconds from AIDS and extreme poverty, often before their fifth birthday.

Entire villages and communities are being wiped out by diseases that are living in dirty water.

Children are dying in huge numbers.These numbers are so big that they cannot begin to comprehend them - they are just statistics !

While million of children have no food to eat and no roof over their heads in poor stricken countries in Africa and Asia million of dollars are wasted on splashing expensive champagne in one night of orgy of fun and sex.

Money that came out of mother earth's womb deep beneath the earth's surface.Money that is so easy to get it has lost its intrinsic value.Money that gave the crooked and the corrupted absolute power.

A story from one poor African

I know poverty because poverty was there before I was born and it has become part of life like the blood through my veins. Poverty is not going empty for a single day and getting something to eat the next day. Poverty is going empty with no hope for the future. Poverty is getting nobody to feel your pain and poverty is when your dreams go in vain because nobody is there to help you. Poverty is watching your mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters die in pain and in sorrow just because they couldn't get something to eat. Poverty is hearing your grandmothers and grandfathers cry out to death to come take them because they are tired of this world. Poverty is watching your own children and grandchildren die in your arms but there is nothing you can do. Poverty is watching your children and grandchildren share tears in their deepest sleep. Poverty is suffering from HIV/AIDS and dying a shameful death but nobody seems to care". " Poverty is when you hide your face and wish nobody could see you just because you feel less than a human being. Poverty is when you dream of bread and fish you never see in the day light. Poverty is when people accuse you and prosecute you for no fault of yours but who is there to say some for you? Poverty is when the hopes of your fathers and grandfathers just vanish within a blink of an eye. I know poverty and I know poverty just like I know my father's name. Poverty never sleeps. Poverty works all day and night. Poverty never takes a holiday" (One Poor African)

God must be blind!

What I wrote

Mr Big Spender's Duel in "Who Is Richer", Spending Other People's Money

Now, from the horses's mouth here.

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Pak Zawi said...

They are just pouring out money from the bottles, burning them without any return whatsoever. How nice if they were used to help the poor.