Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Accident Can Happen In The Best Regulated Family

Hantu Laut

None other than his own people dismantling his 1 Malaysia piece by piece.

Whether it is politically correct or not, sometimes, in our moment of anger, we have to restrain ourselves from making impolite remarks against our enemies or political opponents.

Obviously, Minister Hishamuddin Onn is missing on correct social etiquette when he shouldn't have been.He came from a family of good standing and background.

From Perkasa and other Malay NGOs to his own people in UMNO, Prime Minister Najib is having problems in keeping them in a straight line. Most of the times it is not ignorant or lack of education but sheer arrogance by those in power of not choosing appropriate and equally effective words to deliver their displeasure.

If the Malay language is short of euphemism, the English language is not and most of our ministers are well educated in English.

Why resort to dysphemism, if you can choose better substitutes.

The next time you lose your temper and are tempted to use the word 'fuck' think of 'effing' or if, as a Muslim you think pork is 'dirty' think of it as being 'unclean'.

To the non-Muslims pork is not dirty nor unclean.To us Muslims it is.

What about those tourists visiting our mosques? Are they dirty too?

I might not agree with Hishmuddin on his choice of word but I don't agree with Teo Nie Ching either.

She should just have walked away after giving the donation instead of politicising and publicising her presence for political mileage.


Anonymous said...

First question is whether non muslim can enter Surau or not. Is this prohibited in Islam?

She was invited and her speech was non political. Why UMNO tyring to play politics???

There were many non muslims entered Mosque in the past, why ummo never make noise???

It's just playing politics again!! It's just disgusting!!

Anonymous said...


What so wrong about what Teo said ? Please elaborate.

She was invited, She was not advised or forbidden by the hosts, and her ignorance is deemed to be an insults ? Why the sensitivities when the Muslims themselves do not follow this strictly; With your eyes wide open, you will observe what I observed.

Is it not rude on Teo's part after the cheque presentations, and if she refused to say a word or two and then walk off ?

The situations are getting impossible ! Every which way will be wrong if one were to look for excuses to play the blame game.

vinnan said...

Where did you get the 'pig;' idea from in 'Hishamuddin's' 'unclean' words. You are truly an insidious S?B. Perhaps you are hankering for something you are not allowed to have? Why must someone who was invited to a surau and then later asked to say a few words to the congregation be such a big deal to you UMNO people. I know. PAS is doing with the Chinese community what UMNO should have but did not do in order to foster good relationships between non-Muslims and Muslims. UMNO was so stuck on the 'Ketuanan Melayu' bullshit that you people could not be bothered with building genuine friendship with the non-Malays. Whatever opportunity UMNO had to win the non-Malays over is gone. We saved UMNO in 1999 and we gave UMNO the biggest electoral mandate in Malaysian history. We shall not make the mistake of supporting UMNO again thanks to insidious bas'[];s like you who take every opportunity to put the non-Malays down.

Anonymous said...

It so sad to see the poisoning of the minds of the Malay people just like what has happened in Rawanda where one race is brain washed to think that other races are like cockroaches and need to return to the original homeland. This same crap is playing out in this same issue of a non-muslim entering the surau when PAS has ruled correctly that it is okay so long as nothing political is discussed. Looks like the Taliban mentality exists more outside of PAS.

Hantu Laut said...

Those simple kampong folks are just being courteous and thankful for the donation.

Yeo, should know better, she is a politician, that such act can cause controversy and it did.

Of course, what UMNO did was for politics and it is not against the law to play politics.

Vinnan, PAS is not an authority on Islam, they are the same devil as UMNO, they are all politicians who want to grab power and will do anything to achieve it.

Before, PAS called UMNO kafirs for associating with the Chinese and Indians, now it is OK for them to do so.What do you call such people?

Hypocrites of the first order.