Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sabah Dilemma - Picking The Wrong Apple

Hantu Laut

It tells a lot how the bureaucrats work in this country.Political leaders and civil servants with the shortest memory span.Ad hoc decisions that can make or break you.

Read this distressing situation the Indonesian Consulate was put into by the sudden change of heart constituted by the Ministry of Home Affairs to send back Indonesian worker's dependants from Sabah.It's again the same usual style of this particular minister not seeking the advices of state leaders and those who knows the real situation.

From the very beginning I was against the idea of allowing foreign workers to bring their families here.Not only Indonesians but any other nationality as well.Bringing the families along would only make them want to stay here permanently rather than go back to joblessness in the home country.

Malaysia may be a hell hole for some Malaysians particularly those who supported the oppositions but is a haven for foreign workers.

Having lived in Singapore for over 10 years back in the eighties, the island nation was wise from the very beginning for not allowing those in the lower income group to bring their spouses or families.For maids, once pregnant, while still under employment would be sent back immediately.Malaysia, on the other hand has myopic policies that work like the erratic tropical weather.You don't know whether you are going or coming.

The bigger problem here are not the registered Indonesians but the illegal Filipinos. Most Indonesians eventually return to their homeland but the ruddy Filipinos not only stayed here permanently but multiplied like nobody's business.

The street children you see in the state are the products of the delinquent of the Federal government.If the problem had been arrested long before we would not have such problem.

If the Minister think he is going to make Sabahans happy with this decision than he is wrong, he picked the wrong apple.

We may be desperate to get rid of the immigrants but we are also able to discern between good and bad apple.

We can see through our squints clearly that the Federal government is trying to pull wools over our eyes just to show they are doing something, worried that they may lose the fixed deposit, intimidated by people like Bernard Dompok and Yong Teck Lee on the illegal immigrants issue.

When Dompok and Yong were chief ministers they did absolutely nothing on the illegal immigrants issue.They waltzed and tangoed with the Federal government and forgot that we have a problem.Suddenly, they become champions and care so much for the people of Sabah.

Sabah politicians have the habits of waking up from their lethargic state every time they did not get what they wanted.Like the dormant volcano they become active again and start spewing noxious lava at the leadership.

Dompok is drumming up supports for himself and his party and may leave the BN just before the next GE because he thinks the BN will lose the next general elections.He is keeping his option open.On the same wagon is LDP, walking the political tightrope.

They may be in for a surprise that although the situation looks fluid for a change it may not be so.As I have mentioned before Pakatan may break up before the next GE.This unholy alliance is built on mere vehicle of convenience. Poor leadership and completely different ideology will be the killer.DAP, says no hudud law when they come to power, PAS insisted there will be hudud. The only party that will come out strongest and relevant among the three would be DAP.

The Minister of Home Affairs Hishammudin Onn should, if he does not already know, which I doubted, that we Sabahans want him to remove the illegal Filipinos and Indonesians first. They are the bigger problems not the dependents of legal Indonesian workers.

This unpopular move would also have a dire consequence on the plantation sector which are already facing labour shortage as more and more Indonesians return home to work in their homegrown plantations.

This problem may cost the BN to lose some of the Kadazan and Chinese seats in both state and parliament in the next GE.

This decision has also caused embarrassment to the Malaysian government and will add to the already rocky relationship with Indonesia.

Maybe, it is not too late to review that decision and start doing the right thing.


SM said...

Bro HL,

"Malaysia may be a hell hole for some Malaysians particularly those who supported the oppositions but is a haven for foreign workers".

I find that statement of yours an insult to Malaysians like me who despite supporting the Opposition (sometimes, not always) are loyal Malaysians who love our country. Just because we choose to "take off the blinkers" & ask for a better Malaysia does not make us hate our country.

It's a cheap shot (& you know it!).
Shame on you! Despite our differing views, I have come to expect better from you!

I could counter with insulting the BN supporters, but I'm not going to bother to stoop so low...isn't worth it!

Anonymous said...

You're right! The REAL and BIGGER problem is the illegal Filipinos n Indons..