Monday, August 23, 2010

Forced To Wear A Tudung

Hantu Laut

The Daily Express today reported how a student in a Labuan mission school was traumatised when forced to wear the tudung or headscarf by a teacher who threatened her with bodily harm by brandishing a cane.

On Aug 17 the student was bullied into wearing one and was fined RM1 for not complying.On Aug 19 the parents found her in distress when they went to collect her because she was held back for 20 minutes and forced to wear the tudung by the teacher.

The parents have written a protest letter to the Director-General of Education.

The question is who empowered the teacher to execute such authority? Shouldn't she be removed from her job for exceeding her scope of duties?

My last question to my fellow Muslims, does it makes one not wearing a tudung less moral?

It is high time the government clamp down on this kind of rogue teachers who are better suited to teach in a madarasah than a secular school.

We had complaint of a racist teacher in a school in Johore now we have an over-zealous religious bigot who exceeded the bounds of her duties.


Anonymous said...

Kau memang hantu, hantu.

I starve myself for energy.

Anonymous said...

Government will investigate...then case closed as it was action!!

Sideline said...

Bro. Thank you for bring-up this issue up.

What you mentioned is not an isolated case. This requirement of wearing tudong is unofficially mandatory for every muslim girls who enter secondary schools. That is one part.

I have 2 children enrolled in science boarding schools. It appears the school curriculum are giving equal emphasis on religious studies and practices as the other regular studies. As a father It is sad to hear our children in this Ramadhan month our children are asked to wake-up as early as 4:00am for sahur and to stay awake for subuh and continue their normal studies until dusk.

How can we aspect our children to excel in their studies if there are many restrictions imposed and requirement to follow on them even we as adult have difficultly to follow and perform? I always wonder whether MoE has hired children phycologists and educationists to study whether the current environment at schools will bring ultimatum performance for place to seek knowledge. Why can't we allow our children some freedom and allow them expand their knowledge which in my mind will give positive impact to their mental development. Allowing the children some freedom on what to wear without fear of reprisal is a start.

Anonymous said...

School withdrawn ruling and RM1 fine (DE25/08). But what about the teachers? Is either the school or education dept. taking appropropriate action on them?