Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sosilawati Murders:Blame The Police?

Hantu Laut

I am not sure whether this piece deserved a space or even a mention.Obviously, Malaysiakini and Lim Kit Siang think it is a masterpiece.

Should we expect the police force to police every square foot of land and monitor every person in this country? The writer's deep obsession for the impossible is just thoughtless mind of the herd's instinct.If someone says it is black than it must be black.Attacking and slandering the police have become an obsession for some people.

I can quote thousand of cases of serial killings in the West from Jeffrey Dahmer who killed for sexual gratification to husband and wife partner Fred and Rosemary West who killed a dozen of young girls in their "House Of Horrors" right next to their neighbours, without, let alone the police, their next door neighbours knowing their homicidal nature.

The writer's brevity with his accusations against the police is most unfair. The offending preamble to his story below:

"These murders could have been avoided if our police force had been more professional. Clearly the police took a tidak apa attitude or were ‘in it’ in all previous deaths/disappearances. The number of ‘missing persons’ reports all linked to these lawyers emerging all of a sudden out of the blue is testimony to this".

Well, sometimes, some people, get the high not just from taking drugs, you can get high even from writing, the reason, some writers get sued for libel.


eddy said...

Its DAP way of politicising the Sosilawati Murder Bro, they had sort of momentarily lost their voice when the lawyer suspects and 4 others were detained by the police. Lim Kit Siang and the DAP finally got their usual act together, contributing nothing to the issue but their brand of devisive politics. Only sickos can twist this murder tragedy into a political frenzy against the Police.

Kit Siang and the writer whoever he is does not understand Police work to ensure that a murderer is charged and prosecuted successfully in court.

The Police investigation is not easy as in this case the bodies were burnt to ashes we will never know how they actually died and there are no witnesses to the crime except the words of the murder suspects. What the police have so far are just the suspects and their alleged confessions and remember "no bodies".

What happen if the suspects change their story or tell the court that they were tortured by the police? This case will be difficult for the Prosecutors and the Police.

Kit Siang and the DAP or who ever else should just keep quiet if they cannot offer any help to solve these murders and other murders that may have connections with the suspects.

mahaza said...

Couldn't agreed more. This case is not about politics or racial issue - it is just murder..... well, people can make assumption on how police at kualalangat had treated the Datuk's and all....
Leave it to the police to settle the case why speculate?