Monday, September 13, 2010

Sosilawati:Did She Takes The Wrong Turn?

Hantu Laut

Greed has no bounds for some people, be it corruptions, thievery, blatant robbery and worst, cold-blooded murder that can send shivers down our spines how greed can turn humans into worse than animals.

Animal kill for food, human kill for greed and glory.

Avarice and covetousness had always been part of human failings.All religions tell us that greed in whatever form is sinful.

In Christianity, pride or hubris is the original and the deadliest of the seven deadly sins which is believed to be the ultimate source from which the others arise. Sosilawati, must have been victim of greed and covetousness.

Seedy lawyers aplenty, those who had not the wit of true legal eagle, scuppered by stupidity and greed, unable to compete, eventually resort to crimes to fill their inadequacies.

A sad end to such beautiful lives because of human greed.

You may have seen the movie "The Wrong Turn" but with a different twist.Human savages killed humans out of insanity.

In Sosilawati case, the educated and cultured savages lured and kill her and her friends out of greed.

Let's hope the police do not bungle this case and leave no stone unturned to solve this most heinous crime.


Anonymous said...

When a gangster get slayed during a gang war, will we shed a tear for the person?? Dont get me wrong. I feel sorry for the death of Sosilawati and her friends. Yet I feel that she knew what she was dealing with and made profit through wrongful means. How I wish all Malaysian businesspeople learn to make money honestly instead of trying to make money the easy way..

warrior said...

Agreed to the above comment. To live well and find happiness, we should always take the straight and narrow path. It is very sad when one becomes greedy and get entangled with other greedy will only be a matter of time before the more monstrous and greedier of the two decide to "eat up" the other one. If we refrain ourself from greediness and travel the righteous path we would not get ourself entangled and befriend with unscrupulous and greedy people.
Finally..."Birds of a feather flock together...."