Sunday, September 12, 2010

Terry Jones Koran Burning Encouraged And Protected By The 1st Amendment

The wacko pastor

Hantu Laut

Why is the world giving this wacko fantasist and know-nothing loony bin destined pastor a time of the day, I really don't know.

The man is a wacko not just by his promised cheap stunt but his wacky looks .

A publicity crazy loony who emits the world's biggest and stingiest fart that put jitters in the White House and the Pentagon, and the rest of the world in awful anticipation of that biggest and stingiest fallout from his anus.......the fumigation of any chance of peace and reconciliation between Islam and the his burning desire to incinerate Islam's holiest book

This parochial nitwit is, as we should have suspected, the reason of him being so, came from a small church parish that he ran with less than fifty in his usual congregation.A frustrated irreverent reverend wanting to spread his sphere of religious influence but not know how best to do it.

In his narrow circle of influence and perverse ignorance he stumbled on what he called the evil book of Islam that must be destroyed to save the world and to promote him and his little parish at no mean cost.

A splendid idea with a most dangerous consequence.A conjecture of medieval behaviour.A peculiarity of not particularly well-educated Americans who took their "1st Amendment" to extremity, as in the burning of the stars and stripes abhors many but made helpless by the 1st Amendment.

The White House and the Pentagon would suffer the biggest injury from this most unwanted and unnecessary exacerbation from one mad man protected by the over-zealousness of the 1st Amendment.

Time for change of your superfluous 1st Amendment, Mr President!

Terry Jones cracked the biggest joke that fooled America and the rest of the world.

He has no intention of burning the Koran, all he wanted was cheap publicity and he got it.

(Posted in Phnom Penh)


AnnoyinglyAnonymous-LemanPulut said...


My name is Terry Jones. Whatever has been reported in the media about my complaints against the Quran pales in comparison with what I actually have in mind. Please read here to see my full blown qualms.

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

what about the cowhead demo, church bombing and the demolition of temples in Bodoland? Cakap tak serupa bikin.

Anonymous said...

Cow head demo: No big deal. remember the "penyapu" incident on may 13? you don't? we do.

Church bombing: isolated case. mosques been bombed too. In Malaysia, few chinese kids desecrated mosque by red paint. also with pig heads some time before. no actions taken by kind-hearted malaysian government. parents of chinese boys apologised, few crocodile tears did the trick.

temple demolition: zoning rules. mosques and suraus got demolished too when they were built not according to zoning rules. by the way, how come those priests keep on dreaming deities asking them to build temples at EVERY nook? I mean, don't those gods have some sense of ... cosmopolitan infrastructuring?

Bodoland: name of country which we all agree while waiting for some residences to go back to motherland. once back, we all change it back to original one: tanah melayu.

Hehehe. You arcist me, I racist you.

Jerry Bones

flyer168 said...


Pastor Terry Jones Burn the Koran issue...

Just to share this...

The Ugly Truth – A Personal Message from Father Elias Zahlawi, a Syrian Catholic priest to Pastor Terry Jones « –

“This was a result of provocations, started by the Ground Zero Mosque, Imam Rauf.” Unquote.

Next, to share this...

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MUST SEE VIDEO: FOX News’ Hypocrisy on Ground Zero Mosque Financier (FOX News OWNER Prince Al-Waleed)August 24, 2010, – 3:40 pm – By Debbie Schlussel –

***Rockefeller/Carnegie/Luce/CIA behind the Ground Zero “Mosque …
‘Ground Zero Mosque’ Imam Was A Bush-Era Partner For Mideast Peace ...

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With our Ketuanan Jaguh Kampung Political Leaders still "Playing Marbles" with their Kindergarten charades...chereographed by their foreign & Local "Shadow Puppet Masters"...towards "Bankrupting the nation Programmes", Chaos, etc...

You be the judge.