Monday, September 27, 2010

Was I Wrong About Anwar And PKR?

Hantu Laut

The implosion of PKR is only a matter of time.I have said this many times in the past.

Just look at the going-ons in the current party elections and what do you see? Aren't they the same or even worse than what they accused UMNO of.The backstabbing and dirty political maneuvering was nothing less than the epitome of greed. Dirty polls rear its ugly head every where.

As a leader, Anwar is irresolute,insincere and inconsistent, reason he regularly loses his friends.

The members and leaders in PKR should take stock and ask themselves do they still want this man to lead the party as de facto leader when he had the opportunity to stand as their true leader? Why did he not want to stand? Has he got guilty conscience?

Zaid Ibrahim, the new kid on the block, running for deputy president,is running into a brick wall, clandestinely put up by Anwar and his blue-eyed boy Azmin Ali who is a contender for the same post. Dealing with Anwar is like dealing with ebb and flow of the tide, you don't know whether you are going or coming.

Below is an article I picked (without his permission) from my friend Zorro Unmasked who exasperatedly expressed his concern.

Zorro is openly supporting Zaid, whom I believe would be a better leader and a threat to Anwar if he wins the deputy post.

Anwar is no more the factor, the unifying force or the glue, if you like, in keeping Pakatan together.Silently, he is seen as the cause of disunity in the party but no one would want to tell him in his face. When there are troubles in the party he tried to divert attention to UMNO and blame UMNO as the contagion of PKR's problems.This time a Trojan horse without name.Haris Ibrahim's innuendo here.

My stand as far as Pakatan Rakyat is concerned is that I will support any means to change the Government, BUT NOT THRU DIRTY TRICKS AND DEVIOUS ,MACHINATIONS,(HERE), that we are witnessing now in the PKR elections.

We have always faulted BN for every conceivable evil in the book and it is unmistakable that PKR has taken chapters out of this book and applying them without impunity. It’s a REAL SHAME.

How will PKR answer to their coalition partners, PAS and DAP for such blatant transgressions? If they can play Brutus with their own party members, what is there to prevent them to do likewise to PAS and DAP.

Two things need to be done if PKR wants to redeem itself:

First, Anwar and Syed Husin Ali must apologise to their coalition partners for bringing Pakatan Rakyat into disrepute by their obvious backing of Azmin.

Second, Zaid Ibrahim must march up to the Election Committee and PUBLICLY demand for some semblance of integrity of this seemingly decaying body. Read more.

You see, it's not about conviction, it's not about dedication,it's not about patriotism,it's not about serving the people and nation, Malaysian politicians and politics is all about money, money and money.

Don't fool yourself that they are going to be any better.


eddy said...

Going by the elections at the PKR cabangs, those who are close to Anwar and Azmin has been rejected. Maybe Anwar has seen this coming that is why he is afraid to contest the President's post and lose to other candidates in PKR.

Amyway his usual trick of blaming UMNO for anything under the sun is not working. Many PKR members are not convinced any more.

PKR is imploding the moment its leaders close to Anwar are rejected.

Zaid and TS Khalid will pick up the pieces if there's any left after their coming election OR will Anwar find a way to suspend the PKR elections?

Anonymous said...

I am gald it is surfacing now rather than after another round of general election.

I shall now know who not to vote for in PKR if any of them stands in my constituency. Let all hang out I say.


Anonymous said...

After these eventful events, I think DSAI would declare to suspend all Cabang+Ranting elections until next GE.

This would be in line with LKS's called that next GE would be within 6 months.

If no GE within 6 months, then it would be BN's fault for all distruptions caused.

Just a thought.

Nani Cheras.