Saturday, October 2, 2010

Galas:A Long Shot For UMNO,Passing The Buck To Ku Li

Hantu Laut

There is much talk about Ku Li as candidate for Galas.

Tungku Razaleigh shouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole.He should not be inticed by the overture from the DPM whom I dread to think of as our next PM. It wouldn't be a feather in his cap for UMNO's new breed.He will be disappointed and hurt after the show ended.

Najib had acted as a true deputy when he was deputy to Pak Lah even under pressure from Mahathir to push Pak Lah out he has behaved nobly which I can't visualise the same with our current DPM.Political doublespeak and body language can tell a lot about a person.Muhyiddin's mixed signal does not bode well with Najib's 1 Malaysia.

Tengku should be beyond this meagre offering.The choice, off course, is his but I believe he wouldn't fall for it.

It is a thankless job. If UMNO loses he gets the blame and a bad name and if they win someone else gets the credit.

Galas, will be a testing ground whether UMNO has regained the Malay supports.It could be a long shot for the party.

If they have high regard for the Tungku than they should give him a high ministerial post as a show of appreciation and source of wisdom, not ask him, mind you he is not young anymore, to be the workhorse in an election.

Other than Najib, most of UMNO leaders are not the thinking lot, they only show their cleverness by being combative.


bat8 said...


Orang paling layak menjadi calon UMNO untuk PRK Galas adalah AWANG ADEK.

2. Inilah peluang awang adek untuk mendapat legitimasi sebagai Timbalan Ketua Perhubungan UMNO Kelantan setelah tewas kedua kerusi Parlimen Bachok dan DUN Perupok dalam PRU 12 dahulu.

Sebagai Timbalan pengerusi perhubungan, sekurang-kurangnya beliau menjadi ADUN, barulah ada kredibiliti dalam politik Kelantan.

3. PRK Galas ini juga adalah medan sesuai untuknya berhadapan dengan rakyat dalam isu royalti minyak kelantan. Beliau begitu lantang sekali menyatakan bahawa Kelantan dan rakyat Kelantan tidak berhak mendapat royalti tersebut walaupun telaga minyak tersebut terletak lebih hampir dengan telaga-telaga minyak di terengganu.

Beliau bentangkan hujah-hujahnya dihadapan rakyat semasa kempen tersebut kerana isu royalti minyak ini akan menjadi isu kempen yang penting dalam PRK ini.

SO, awang adek....ade berani ke sahut cabaran ini?


Pak Zawi said...

Fully agree with you that Ku Li should decline the offer of being director of election and candidate for the by election. The suggestion by bat8 for Awang Adek to stand as candidate is most appropriate.