Friday, November 5, 2010

Analyse:Yong Done In By DAP ?

Hantu Laut

It would have been a fight between BN and SAPP without any doubt.PKR was in obscurity before DAP took to the campaign trail.

Obviously,DAP has strong influence over Chinese voters which they managed to convince to swing to PKR's Ansari who would not have done better than Yong without the Chinese votes split between him and Yong.

The Prime Minister may want to take note that in majority Chinese areas in Sabah swing votes to Pakatan particularly towards DAP is very possible.This victory and that of Galas are not indications that the ground swell is massively moving in BN direction. Calling a snap election may be prematured and risky.The BN needs to do more to recapture the people's imagination.

Ansari's bumiputra votes is dismal.Without the swing Chinese votes he would not have done that well.

BN, is advantaged by the three-cornered fight and right choice of candidate.A straight fight would have the BN walking the tightrope.Yong and Ansari shared what the lone independent candidate got in 2008 against the late Edmund Chong.

UMNO and its Director of Operation Musa Aman was the prime mover without which PBS would not have the capacity and will to ensure victory.The same man who delivered almost all the seats in the 2008 General Elections and whose political demises have been predicted countless times by those opposed to him and those who didn't get what they asked for, has against all predictions, delivered victory to the BN.

The big win for Linda is a combination of sympathy votes mainly from female voters, unfettered support for the BN by the bumiputra Muslim community and good campaign strategy.

Yong took a big gamble and lost.He needlessly used too many political bankrupts and losers to help him campaign in the bumiputra areas.These are political mercenaries discarded by other political parties that came for short term collect money.

With his tattered image Yong would find it hard going from now on.

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