Saturday, November 27, 2010

Appallingly 'Apple': Chinese Quality At American Price

Hantu Laut

Top brand, most innovative company, excellent marketing strategy ???

The whole world have gone technophiles with Apple products and yours truly included. I must congratulate Steve Job for doing such fine job of conning his customers with his high-end, high-tech but shitty quality products.

Why do you think apple (sorry for the lowercase) has insurance plan that can buy extended warranty beyond the normal one-year guarantee? Because they knew their products wouldn't last and with almost all components made in China you are guaranteed to get Chinese quality at American price.

Since about three years ago, I have gone completely gaga with Apple, iMac, MacBook Pro, iPad and iPod, almost the whole spectrum of Apple products, except iPhone, which I really don't need and refused to buy because I don't talk much on the phone.

The iPhone is not a work machine, other than talking,browsing and doing your email it's just a pretty show-off gadget.

I still believe it is technologically more advanced than most products of its kind but the people at Apple should seriously look into the quality and durability of their products.

It is most appalling that you woke up one fine morning, switch on your pricey computer and found out that some aliens inside the computer are doing nasty things to your machine.

Thinking, it was a temporary phenomenon I switch off the computer thinking like most computers I had before it would reboot or repair itself. To my utter shock it didn't. You can see the three coloured vertical lines on the screen.

My next big shock came when I sent my computer to an Apple's dealer to repair the machine.They call me the next day and quoted RM2300 for the repair.The machine is less than 3 years old and and it is certainly a factory defect which Apple should make good without charging its customers.

Other than the annoying colour bands all other components are functioning properly.So, I have taken back the machine and use it till I resolved the problem with Apple headquarters.

It is very disconcerting that Apple in spite of its high technological achievements couldn't be bothered with the quality of its products.It has many contract manufacturers scattered all over the world but most of its products are assembled in China.

Other than defective computers some of it's Ipod series of music players are equally bad with sound quality sounded more like cheap Chinese stereo box.

How in the world can such a famous company who claimed to be producing high-end technological products can deliver such appallingly defective and pricey products to its costumers is beyond me.

I have an 80GB iPod that sounds like a cheap AM/FM radio which I have since stopped using. I now only use my Korean made thumb size Cowon iAudio player than sounds like you are sitting in a live concert hall.

Chinese quality at American price?

That's what you get of some of Apple's products.The vertical lines phenomenon is not only peculiar to iMac but also exists in its other products.A friend had the same problem with his MacBook about a year after the purchase but he was lucky as it is still within the warranty period.

Obviously, I am not the only unhappy customers, there are thousands of them all over the Internet with varied quality problems.

I am in the midst of writing to Apple and see what they have to say about their overpriced junks.

That's America for you.

They already lost two space shuttles because of complacency and quality problem but the Russians, supposedly, with inferior technology hasn't yet lost any of its spacecraft.

So, the next time you fell in love with anything American think of the poor factory workers in China and child labour elsewhere in the world.

The American used them.Apple is or was one of them.


vinnan said...

Fucking Malaysians at ST Microelectronics make many of the chips which goes into many Western weapon systems used by Israel to kill the hopeless Palestinians. Same fucking difference, asshole.

Hantu Laut said...

If you hate this country so much why don't you just leave and see whether all white men are colour blind.

Without looking at you, I know you the colour of your skin.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comment Hantu Laut. As much as you dislike vinnan, I was surprised that you decided to go through the skin color route.

Skin color is something your born with.

But the same can be said of you and your history. Without seeing you I know the color of your skin. Your skin color may be fair but its a dog's fair colour. You know - a dog that is white but still a dog.

Anonymous said...

Blog Owner,
I apologise for the last comment. Its not appropriate. I regret making the statement.

Purple Haze said...

A number of Apple products are made by Foxcomm in Shenzhen.

The smaller the MacBook, etc become, the more fragile the components are likely to be. Fragility in electronics is dicey for the functionality of the product.

So. despite the seemingly superior technology and higher prices, Apple products are not likely to last any longer than the less expensive Windows-based machines.

As buyers, we have to make a decision.

SM said...

Bro HL,

I understand the anger in Vinnan. HOWEVER, I do not condone his language.
I expect better of you. By, bringing up the colour of his skin, you are bringing yourself down to his level!
It does not matter how angry you are...when "right-minded" men in Malaysia bring themsleves down to such levels, we are all doomed!

Anonymous said...

HL; You gave Vinnan what he deserves.

The last time i'd checked there is no exit tax imposed by Malaysian goverment if these arses what to pack home to India or China.

Anonymous said...

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