Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Trojan Or Not, Anwar And PKR Is Going Down.

Hantu Laut

To help bring back democracy and free this nation of corruptions, cronyism and nepotism?

What a joke!

Who is going to believe him now?

The month-long balloting of PKR's direct election, if anything, is a farce and a sham.A de facto leader who claimed his party to be more transparent, democratic and less prone to corruptions is shattered by his own infliction.

Malaysians who believe his promises of democratic, clean and accountable government should look closely at the recent development in PKR.

What does it foretell when the party elections attracted only 10% of its members and a so called democratic process marred by intimidation, cheating and other irregularities.

The embarrassingly low turnout can only mean the party is on the slide for simple reason that the members are fed up with Anwar Ibrahim, his arrogance, self-aggrandizing, self-preserving and sardonic ways.

In spite of widespread claim of irregularities in the elections and his condonation to save himself and his sidekick from being challenged in the future, Anwar Ibrahim denied such unpleasantries.

Zaid Ibrahim whom he insinuated as a Trojan horse is the latest casualty of his greed to hang on to power. A reaction arising out of fear of losing the much coveted highest office.

Cheating is fine as long as he stays de facto leader and potential future PM.As they say the end justifies the means.

So, who own PKR?

The results of the elections conclusively makes the party Anwar's fiefdom.

The President, his wife remained uncontested, his daughter Nurul Izzah obtained the highest votes among all vice-presidents, his sidekick Azmin Ali won the deputy president post.

What happened to the other 90% of members? Have they been sidelined or not allowed to come out to vote because of uncertainty of where their allegiances are?

The election result also dampen the spirit of supporters in Sabah and Sarawak with some familiar faces ousted.

Former Sabah party chief Ansari Abdullah and current Sarawak chief Baru Bian lost to candidates from Anwar and Azmin's camp.

Jeffery Kitigan, sidelined by the KL leadership refused to contest in contemplation of leaving the party.Chistina Liew should do some hard soul searching whether she should stay in a party that show no appreciation for loyalty.

In the Peninsula among the big names that felled are Subang MP Sivarasa and Selangor exco Xavier Jayakumar.

Obviously, the miserable turnout was a boycott of the elections by majority of the members that bespeaks loss of confidence in Anwar and Azmin Ali's leadership.


Anonymous said...

There is no point asking about the remaining 90% of PKR members. They dont have that 400,000 numbers. The most they got is 60,000 members. Anwar as usual knows how boast, talk talk talk but in actual fact he is a useless person. Dont gamble your future with this person.

Gelombang Wangsa Maju said...




Anonymous said...

PKR is just another UMNO clone which is not worth considering. Sigh... what other alternatives have we?

eddy said...

PKR is not a political party anymore Bro. It is now a certified Cult movement with total devotion to one man, Anwar Ibrahim.

Ya, PKR is going down alright.

SM said...

Bro HL,

I'm sorry to say that you have been singing the same tune ever since the last GE.
Your fixation on DSAI is pretty need to purge him from your life bro! He ain't worth it! ;)

Hantu Laut said...

Mine is nothing and very mild compared to many other blogs.

I have no fixation about Anwar, he is a high profile public figure that attracts constant scrutiny.

I have not wavered from my opinion of Anwar.I feel he is more dangerous if given the ultimate power.I hope it wouldn't happen.

What we see happening in PKR at the moment is very disturbing, a party basically controlled by one man. Malaysians who voted for him did, not on the strength of his characters but on emotion which is dangerous.

So far, I have not been wrong about Anwar and PKR.

Just watch,they will drag PR down in the 13th GE.

Bro, as much as I want a change of government I can't see Pakatan as a credible alternative.

Anonymous said...

Yes PKR recent election was a shame!! But at least they are still slightly better than UMNO. UMNO corrupt practice and looting from national coffers make lot of people suffer!!

eddy said...

Wow anon 7:41pm, such sweeping statement, PKR with a leader who refuses to undergo an election process and acting more like a cult leader than a politician and is making PKR agenda to serve his personal interest than the nation's well being is better than UMNO? Get real lah, better still get a life and travel around Malaysia and see what wonderful things has happened since Merdeka under UMNO/BN.