Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Zaid! Get Out And Strike While The Iron Is Still Hot

Hantu Laut

Now, the leadership tussle in PKR has taken on a confrontational front with Zaid asking Anwar and Azmin to give up the leadership.

Is Zaid clueless or he has gone completely bonkers.If the two are prepared to cheat in an election to keep their positions would they listen to him now that he is the loser.

Get serious, does he think Anwar and Azmin are going to hand over their resignations to him and hand over the party on the platter to a newcomer and walk away just like that.He must be out of your mind.

In the first place he shouldn't have stood for deputy president knowing fully well Azmin Ali is Anwar's blue-eyed boy who has been through thick and thin with him and he a newcomer upsetting the applecart.I thought he is a lawyer and should have known better.Obviously, some lawyers don't make good politician.

It's getting too hot in there, get out while the going is good.

He should get out and form his own party.Than he can be his own boss.

Strike while the iron is hot.If possible pull a few MPs with you and show Anwar it takes two to tango.

If he can do it, you can do it too.

Now, you know why Tungku Aziz did not join PKR, he has read Anwar like a book and rather be joining a Chinese based party than associate with someone like Anwar.


Asril Sani said...

Yep. I saw Zaid on TV asking Anwar and Azmin to quit.
Very amusing. Tersangat bodoh.
Even people like me knows Keadilan is Anwar and Azmin's party.
Alahai Zaid. Awak masuk rumah orang, awak suruh tuan rumah keluar.
Tak tahu budaya Melayu kah??
You yourself get out.
But sure you know PAS or UMNO wont accept you.
To form a new party will take a long time and can you get membership.
Your eyes are set on the GE which is coming soon and you desperately want to be YB.
Melepas lagilah nampaknya Zaid.
Hai nasib badan. Kononnya pandai sangat.

Pak Zawi said...

I agree with you. Earlier i was thinking we are looking beyond Anwar but it seems there is not much hope beyond hime either. High time an alternative force come forward to fill up the void.

LibangLibu said...

Dah la Zaid. KAH KA KAH!!!!

Kalau nak senang duduk dlm UMNO. Semua senang.

Umur dlm PKR baru setahun jagung dah nak lawan tawkay.

Isi borang UMNO balik la. Bacul.

chapchai said...

I agree with you, Hantulaut. I was surprised when Tunku Aziz joined DAP instead of PKR. Now I know why.

Asril Sani said...


UMNO dah tak ndaklah si pengacau macam Zaid ni.
Nanti dia suruh pulak Najib and Muhyiddin to quit the party.
Zaid ni Mr Problemo.
Kalah Hulu Selangor, sue BN.
Bagus dia jadi Presiden di hutan.
Menjerit dengan haiwan.
Lepas tu dibaham harimau.
Baru padan.