Thursday, November 18, 2010

Zaid Ibrahim, It's Your Call

Hantu Laut

The recent spectacle in PKR that got Zaid into the political high winds could change the political landscape in the country if Zaid plays his cards right. As I have mentioned in my previous posts Zaid had no other choice but to start his own party and he must do it sooner rather than later.

Would Najib's government allow him to register a new party. For all intents and purposes it would be in the ruling party's favour to allow a third force. Zaid could well be the better messiah of reforms than Anwar Ibrahim.

Anwar and PKR have failed miserably to deliver its promises of democracy, accountability and fair play.It is as crooked as a dog's hind leg.Azmin Ali's win in Sabah is dubiously perplexing..

Support for Anwar is dwindling fast as the people get a clearer picture of his intentions.As people grew tired of his political charade, sympathy for him is fading fast and would fade even faster if a more credible third force appears.Zaid has to work fast while the momentum is still there.Strike the iron while it is still hot or it will fizzle out.

The recent party direct elections that was reported to be highly improper that put Zaid in a quandary, him demanding full investigation, fell on deaf ears, with Anwar Ibrahim responding in self-serving high horses rendition of no such thing and lamented that of Zaid's unfounded delusional fear.

Zaid came from the same tree as Anwar but a fruit less infested and much more edible and credible.He was never a minister or held any governmental position in the old regime and could not be accused of any serious misdeeds. He has through his ingenuity made himself fairly rich through his political connections during his time in UMNO.

His short stint as a minister under the Badawi's administration put him at loggerhead with other ministers and UMNO's bigwigs over indiscriminate use of the ISA which saw him resigning from his ministerial post and the exit from UMNO.

Zaid troubles started the day he was labelled as successor to Anwar who do not want a successor through the democratic process.He will pick his own successor when the time come.

PKR is a spanner in the works of Pakatan's dream of taking over power and a third force would certainly deny them the walk to Putrajaya.

Next to go, Jeffery Kitingan?


Anonymous said...

You are a real hantu bringing information from the laut.
What a stupid blogger! Orang kampong pun will not believe in what you wrote. hahahahhahahha

Hantu Laut said...


You can't even string a full sentence in English, that's how smart you are.

Have you heard of the English word 'opinion'.Obviously, you are just too stupid to have any.

arimi said...

salam HL bro,
its been quite a while I din read your blog. About Zaid & Jeffrey, they need party that bears their own name, maybe something like parti zaid bersatu or Jeffery Kitingan Party, other than that cant suit them well.Wherever they go, havoc follows. As usual. Cheers