Monday, November 8, 2010

Zaid Should Form His Own Party

Hantu Laut

The writing is on the wall and just a matter of time before Zaid becomes one of the many victims of Anwar's insatiable greed to keep control of PKR by his family and cronies.He has refused to be de jure leader of PKR, instead, allowing his wife to hold the post but he literally control her and the party as de facto leader.

It was a clear signal to Zaid Ibrahim that Anwar Ibrahim finds him a threat to the leadership.By hook or by crook Zaid must be stopped or his next stop would be the presidency.

Zaid quits the No.2 race and all his posts in PKR quoting blatant cheating in the voting process for the No.2 post condoned by the leadership.

Becoming deputy president is one step nearer to becoming the president which Zaid would definitely succeed if he had won the post of deputy.His meteoric rise in the PKR hierarchy gave Anwar bone chilling shivers.The voting trend showed that Zaid is likely to win the contest that would displace Anwar's blue-eyed boy Azmin Ali.

My advice to Zaid Ibrahim is not to waste his time in PKR but to form his own party.He would be able to pull many PKR members who are disillusioned with Anwar's leadership.The voting trend is strong indication that PKR members are fed up with Anwar and Azmin Ali's political charade.

Democracy is not in his dictionary.A demagogue that many young Malaysians would want to make the prime minister of this country.Can you imagine what he would do once he sat in Putrajaya?

He would sell this country to the highest bidder.


Asril Sani said...

Zaid should not be in any party.
He will not fit anywhere. Square peg in a round hole.
Now the loser decides not to contest the Keadilan deputy presidency.
This is the cleverest thing he did so far.
Finally he decides to be clever.
He can be clever if he wants too.
Haha Zaid. Where else you want to go now?
Form a party of one. You, youself, I, me party??? Hahaha.
Dont think of coming back to UMNO.
You are not welcome. You will wreck the party which is so relevant.

Anonymous said...


Asril Sani said...

Anon 11.30 am

Betul bangat. Padan muka si Zaid.
Masa dalam UMNO dulu, pulun duit sampai perabih.
Paling tak berprinsip.
Tak faham kenapa bukan Melayu mendewakannya.

Purple Haze said...

Your posting and last paragraph using the word "demagogue" reminded me of one of the ex-Prime Ministers of Malaysia who hired and fired 3 DPMs and then castrated his hand picked successor.