Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Khalid Ibrahim:A Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted

Hantu Laut

How can Khalid Ibrahim work with a State Secretary appointed by his enemy?

How pitiful when you think you are the big boss and suddenly you are not.He is in a completely confused heap, an imbroglio, to say.

Do you know the English idiom "A fool and his money are soon parted" ?

Khalid Ibrahim, the Menteri Besar of Selangor have done exactly that through his own cockiness and laziness.

This man live in an "ivory tower" and I deeply sympathise with him. Sadly, he also has blurred vision of his own state constitution.

It wouldn't be wrong to say when you first become menteri besar of a state it would be in your interest to familiarise yourself with the state constitution.To make matters worse he now have a retinue of legal advisers and listen to some political analysts and professor from certain university who are even more cock-up in their intrepretation of the state constitution and will complicate the issue further.Some of this half-baked legal experts should be thrown to the hyenas. The law does not deal with moral obligation, it deals with the rule of law.

There is no constitutional crisis, the Selangor State Constitution was very clear on the appointment of its top three office-bearers. The Menteri Besar and the Sultan have no role in the appointments other than the "Oath of Secrecy" to be sworn in front of the MB. The relevant article is Article 52.

Khalid should have anticipated the Federal government move but obviously he didn't and failed to get the right advice from his own state legal resources. Selangor government has no PSC giving it no autonomy in the appointment of its top officers.

Pakatan should have called for his resignation for this great blunder which will further weaken the state government, instead of pointing the accusing finger at the Federal government.

Khalid should read Sun Tze's Art of War on how to deal with a problem when one is standing on weaker ground instead of blindly going to war with the Federal government who is sitting comfortably behind a fortified wall.

His refusal to allow the State Secretary to take an "Oath of Secrecy" should be viewed in contempt.

Will going to court resolve the impasse?

Certainly not! he wil only be cutting his nose to spite his face.

The idea of going to court is not to win the case but to fool the people that our judges are corrupted and controlled by the executive.

Not all the people know the law.

The government may win the case but they will win in the court of public opinion.

Or they can call for a street demo......... 'Pakatan's Way'


eddy said...

Whatever it is the loose Pakatan coalition does not have 2/3rd majority in the DUN necessary to amend the state constitution. Pakatan has painted themselves into a corner. They cannot implement whatever policy they have by bypassing the Datuk State Secretary to the State Civil Servant.

Trying to pin the blame on the amendment by the BN Government to the Constitution in 1993 would not work either. If they wanted to amend the Constitution to "restore" the power of the Sultan then they should have moved to do it in April 2008 i.e two years ago when their Pakatan Government just convened.

Wanting to suddenly restore the amendment now smacks of hypocrisy at the highest level.

I think the DYMM Sultan, delivered a deft stroke when he met MB Khalid, with a simple statement he has brilliantly shown to all that he is above politics and his royal standing remains intact as a Monarch should be.

MB Khalid have one option left and that is to advise the DYMM Sultan to dissolve the DUN and have fresh election to try to get a 2/3rd majority. I do not think he and his excos have the balls to do it though, because they very well know that UMNO/BN will eat PKR and PAS for breakfast.

Just hope that MB Khalid and his excos do not organise another demonstration in Kuala Lumpur during the weekend, that will piss off a lot of Klang Valley folks.

Anonymous said...


agree with you...200% what a shame most of the opponent leaders they do not know about the consitution..n sadly public also trust and believe what they did and said without doubt. so sad....

Pemerhati said...

Even the stupid Rakyat knows that Khalid's main objection is that now he cannot wallop the state's money easily with the State Secretary who is appointed by the Federal Govt looking on his doings.
Khalid may try to change the state's constitution, but Najib may call for PRU13 and PR will be booted out by the rakyat who now realised that the PR is not rakyat friendly but very crony friendly and selfish!

Anonymous said...


after all the analysis has been done, the loser is the royals..

what has sharifuddin, the sultan done?

he had made the first cut to the neck of the royals!!!!!

at the first available oppurtunity , a federalised pr
gomen will indianised the royals...

or to the java totoks , the royals
will be indonized...

a big laugh before the event..

just as the sun as surely it will
rise on the morn, the roysls are
marking time, with the first cut having been made...

the scarlet pimpernel

Anonymous said...

The question is... why is Najib stupid enough to attack a state goverment duly elected by the people?


Anonymous said...


The people of Selangor will vote again in the near future, there may be blunders, there may be some mistakes, there may be some imperfections to the state government, the inexperience are glaring and many more other issues instigated by the BN coalitions, but mark my word, PR will be stronger the next time around. PR will continue to rule the state, because Selangorian had seen what a big difference between the two !

The ills and rots of 50 yrs are not easy to eradicate, but the desire of the Selangorians to seek changes, to revamp the system, to put in the works a system base on justice, law, constitution and above all humanity is taking fruition and it will grow from hereon. This is for the good of all races.

The BN federal government abused the system and take away the balance and check in the state constitution and yet you have the gall to push the blame away ?

From where I stand....Sabahan like you lack that resolves to change for the better, because the personal gains out weights all else...and the poor, the unfortunate suffers immensely ! How about getting a decent hospital for the start ? Or, you can afford to fly to a better one , so it is not in your self interest to fight for one ?

Anonymous said...

well said

Hantu Laut said...

Anonymous 10.40,

Maybe, that's not the case,maybe Sabahans are more discerning, we can separate the wheat from the chaff.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:40, 4th Jan:

I am in Selangor. I will definitely not vote for Fukatan Rakyat. You have 1 vote, I have my 1 vote.

Speak about yourself, and do not counts the chickens before Khalid's balls are squeezed.

Parti Koyak Rabak.