Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Motley Crew Of Treacherous Politicians

Hantu Laut

It's a foregone conclusion. All and sundry knew it except this motley crew of treacherous politicians in the Selangor State Assembly.

What the point of this?

Khalid accused UMNO of treason in 1993.

Did Mahathir commit treason when he amended the Constitution with the support of more than two-thirds of the house that in democracy construes the voices of the people.

If you want to scrap bottom of the barrel, please, learn to scrap it properly. You can fool the young and foolish but don't expect matured and level-headed Malaysians to believe you.

Khalid Ibrahim, you better go back to school and learn the meaning of the word "treason" and the word "democracy" and the meaning of "constitutional monarchy" and if your reasoning of democracy means removing the rights of the people than you are an unfit and treacherous politician.

Anwar will be very happy for you to keep on making mistakes and make a fool of yourself and will have plenty reasons to want you out and give the job to Azmin Ali.

Do not forget, if you do know your constitution well, which I doubt very much, that to remove a menteri besar needs only simple majority, which they have.

Who has gone against the constitutional rights of the sultans? Only two states have committed treachery against the sultans....... Perak when it was under Pakatan and Selangor under your leadership.

That's treason, Mr Khalid!

If you are not sure of the meaning kindly refer to Oxford Dictionary here.


Anonymous said...

You really don't know what you are talking.

Kushrin's appointment as SUK is illegal and unconstitutional, and is an appoinment engineered by Umno. You expect Khalid to just accept this. Just because Khalid doesn't accept Kushrin being thrusted into him, Umno and its propaganda machine called Khalid's and PR's action treacherous. Khalid is just saying the fact.

It is not about amending the 1993 constitution, it about Umno and its propaganda machine publicly insulting the Sultans that is treacherous.

Enough lah Hantu. How do you know there will be an amendment to the constitution. In the end there will only be a minor enactment being passed to put any ambiquity in the appointment of the SUK beyond doubt. Where does it say in Art.52 of the S'gor Consti that the SPA is the appointing authority. Why is SPA so concerned and wants to involved themselves in what is purely a state affairs. Common sense would have dictate them into acting that at the end of the day, it will be the MB who shld decide who hsi SUK should be and not some alien in Putrajaya.

Hantu Laut said...


Sorry, mate.I don't argue with ignoramus.It's a waste of time.

eddy said...

Right on Bro HL, ignoramuses like Anon(2:26pm) and the like should read this excellent post by Senior Lawyer Roger Tan here:

Anonymous said...

You know nothing abt how the malaysian public services officers are constituted and the various Service Comms they are under and you don't even know the legal implication of appointment by secondment as per A.134 FC and 'appointment' u/d A.144 FC and you know nothing abt constitutional law that governs public service officers, you are the one who is ignoramus. Stick to yr political writing and leave this issue alone. It is out of yr depth and intellect.

I just commented to show others who might read yr article, that it is a hogwash.

Anonymous said...

Ignoramus like Eddy & HL should also read the excellent posts by lawyers Edmund Bon, Ex-CA judge NH Chan and another lawyer,Chan Kok Keong whose article K point: Whose servant Kusrin is? is pulished in Malaysiakini & Loyar Buruk, which are linked by Sakmongkol.

Roger Tan failed to mention sect.66 of the Interpretation Act 48 which defines 'appropriate Service Comm' as the State's Service Comm which all these lawyers had correctly pointed out.

Anyway Roger Tan is an MCA lawyer. So he gives one side of the coin. To know both side of the coins you have to read all the articles. Then you'll become non-ignoramus. I have read all.

Freddie Kevin said...


Read the Sun article yesterday. Tan Sri Khalid is a greenhorn.

Pak turut to both the Dap and PKR.

Wait till last moment to bantah bising.

Lim Guan Eng had no problem with new SS.

Go to court if the appointment is illegal. Thats what PR is good for. Can also get some PR (Public Relation) attention.

The appointment IS in accordance to State Law, that is why Tan Sri can only amend. Bukan amend, fishing trip.

So YOUR reasoning is hogwash.

Anonymous said...


I like the title chosen for this blog of yours...But it will be more apt if u had rephrased it as
" A motley crew of treacherous BN-politicians ".

I am not an expert in the constitutions of the nation, but from what you wrote and also the many lopsided commentators here, I think we all belong to the same category. So, I will spare you my thoughts, except for a simple question for you to answer;

" Will you as a CEO ( MB ) of a multi billion organisation ( here, referring to the state ), allows your wife ( or your uncle, grandfather etc ) to assign or choose the secretary that is going to help you run your organization, even without a simple interview or courtesy call ???.....

Hantu Laut said...

Anonymous 8.42

Definitely not, but than a secretary to a CEO is basically a clerk, she doesn't make any decision unlike a state secretary who is No.1 in the state administration.

I sympathise with Khalid because of his own stupidity.He sat on his ass and can't see what is coming his way.He should have taken preeamptive action to appoint the new secretary much earlier.

This bunch of jokers are not fit to rule, they don't even read the state constitution.How do you expect them to run Putrajaya when they are so incompetent.

They are also like the opposite poles particularly PAS and DAP, one want an Islamic state while the other want a secular state.

I hope you guys wake up, they will never make good government.

Anonymous said...


You still do not get it , do you ?

The people do not really mind an interim government that is to a certain extent inefficient.

The people realized the changes we have to endure when we kick out a government that is sucking the nation dry through broad daylight robbery, corruptions and manipulation of the nations coffers.

I for one do not mind a stupid government than one that is stealing from the rakyat and making the rakyat bankrupt. The very high cost of living to-date is one of those effect !

The very rich like you will never understand !

Why don't you make some simple calculation, the total amount of money our current PM is spending or trying to spend ? You think the country really has that many billions to splash around ? For a populations of 27m , those money may as well makes us all very rich without even being used !

Anonymous said...

Check the link below then you will know who were commited treason!