Saturday, January 15, 2011

Who Is Pajudin Nordin? The Final Curtain For Sabah PKR?

Hantu Laut

Who is Pajudin Nordin?

Never heard of him before Anwar picked him as Sabah PKR's new chief out of the blue.What is the rationale of choosing an unknown and a green horn?

One would imagine, the nearest person that fits the job would be Ansari Abdullah or Christina Liew who particularly has been steadfastly faithful to the party.

Obviously, Anwar, his sidekick Azmin Ali and his wife do not trust Ansari Abdullah or Christina to lead the party, the like of Jefferey Kitingan, who was led up the garden path by Anwar, the same fate had befallen Ansari and Christina. Even worse, Ansari was made the sacrificial lamb at the Batu Sapi by-election and would definitely not be chosen as a candidate in the 13th General Elections.The Tuaran state seat will be given to Pajudin to contest and the parlimentary seat to a Kadazan he has yet to identify.

PKR, absolutely, has no support in Sabah, the only support Pakatan can expect to get in Sabah would be from DAP.Unfortunately, they wouldn't get enough seats to win to make an impact at the state and national level. Past gerrymandering had given UMNO the edge over other parties.

The balancing power in Sabah would be the Kadazan votes. The men to watch would be Bernard Dompok and Joseph Kurup, who could pull the rug from under Najib's feet if there were slightest sign that Pakatan is closing in.

Sabah PKR is heading for self-destruction. The arrogance and sloppiness of the top leadership would come back to hound them.Anwar still has no grasp of Sabah politics , he is making one mistake after another, he thinks all Sabahans are fools and should be treated in such a way.

The departure of Ansari Abdullah, Thamrin and, maybe, even Christina is imminent.With no credible position in the party it would be foolish for them to stay on.Pajudin has announced they will not be given any position in the new lineup.

How long has Pajudin been in PKR as compared to people like Christina and Ansari no one seems to know.His name has never rung a bell.

Putting an Ustaz to lead a multiracial party in Sabah, you got to be joking. It may work in Kelantan, Sabah, other than Sarawak, is probably the most secular state in the Federation.

Pajudin will not last long either. The rebels will continue to demand an acceptable replacement and Pajudin is far from being acceptable to PKR statewide membership.

Frank Sinatra's song "My Way" would be the most befitting theme song for Sabah PKR. It's Anwar's way.

"And now, the end is here
And so I face the final curtain"

My friend I say it clear, the end is near for PKR and Pakatan.

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