Sunday, February 13, 2011

Malaysia's Unhealthy Lawmakers Dropping Like Flies

Hantu Laut

Another lawmaker bit the dust triggering the 16th by-election.My deepest condolence to the family.

Malaysia will soon go down in the "Guinness Book Of World Records" as the country with the most lawmakers dropping like flies.

Eating unhealthy food and unhealthy lifestyle are major causes of heart problem.

Beware of the nasi lemak (I like them too but my wife a health freak, so no nasi lemak in the house) and food cooked in santan, they are killers, if taken frequently, very popular in the Peninsula.


eddy said...

Bro, hidup mati kita ditangan tuhan, No matter how fit we are, when its time to go, its time to go.

It matters not whether we are too old or too young. The ones left behind will just have to move on.

Freddie Kevin said...


The GE 12 is one of the most jinxed election with the unusual and untimely deaths of so many reps. I think it is unprecedented.

May their souls rest in peace.