Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ragtag And Bobtail

Hantu Laut

There must be jinx in Sabah PKR or just the idiosyncrasy of the leadership that most Sabahans could not stomach.

Thoughtless and unkind remarks seemingly peculiar with people from the other side can be very upsetting to the generally affable Sabahans. We have no chips on our shoulders!

PKR leaders, not even yet in power, were already worse than UMNO leaders when it comes to dealing with Sabahans.They just couldn't get their act together.They already have the who's master and who's servant mentality much to the agony of Sabahans.

Choosing the party chief in Sabah could just be a simple democratic process, let the divisions elect their chief without any interference from the Peninsula.Unfortunately, masters want none of this, they want someone they can control.

The case of Pajudin Nordin clearly showed that Anwar and now his wife have no principle whatsoever. Instead of defending their decision and the person they have appointed they submit to the rumbling on the ground and simply removed the person they appointed in the first place.

More trouble in Sabah PKR here.

Maybe, Zaid Ibrahim's Kita or Raja Petra's MCLM should come and fill the void in the Sabah opposition front.

Zaid hasn't got the stamina yet.MCLM, is a good idea of a third force, but there is a serious hitch, RPK is running his political oufit by remote control which will suffer broken radio wavelength from time to time and getting the right candidate might pose a problem.

So! Who is this Haris Ibrahim?

Other than being a blogger and a lawyer his background is misty.Not all lawyers make smart politician and not all lawyers are smart.

At present, the oppositions in Sabah and Sarawak are 'ragtag and bobtail'.

Only DAP has better chance to grap a few seats.

The oppositions, lots of talks but fragmented and discordant.

Looks like Putrajaya stays an elusive dream in the oppositions' camp.

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