Friday, February 11, 2011

Yes! Kill Valentine Day

Hantu Laut

Though it has its root in Christianity and been around for yonks I don't think Valentine Day has any more religious significant as much as Father's Day, Mother's Day, Secretaries Day and litany of other foolish days of celebration manufactured by the hospitality industry.

I have never celebrated Valentine Day and have no wish to as I find it rather bemusing that one have to pick this particular day to express one's love to the other person.We can express our love and affection to the person whom we love anytime of the year.Valentine Day, like any other, is purely commercialised, the day the hospitality people want to take money out of your pocket.

For those who are ignorant and still symbolises it with Christianity be rest assured it has been removed from the Roman calender of saints in 1969 by Pope Paul VI, though religious observance is still permitted it has lost its Christian analogy.

There was no romantic element present in the early medieval biographies of these Christian martyrs and if you don't already know there were three different St Valentine ambiguously linked to Valentine Day and none of them has a lover.

Apart from the name nothing is known about Saint Valentine except one of them was buried on the
Via Flaminia on February 14.Due to uncertainty of its origin the Roman Catholic Church decided to have it removed from religious observance.

If ignorance is bliss than I don't blame PAS Youth of becoming self appointed morality police and Jakim for wanting to kill Valentine Day.

Muslim couple are prohibited from expressing love and affection as long as they remained unmarried.Even if you are married you can't express them in public places, our love, basically, is relegated to the bedroom, or, if you are unmarried, in some lair away from the probing eyes of the 'morality police'.

Yes, go ahead kill Valentine Day, we would have less unwanted babies ?


Purple Haze said...

Just out of curiosity, is there a spike in births in Malaysia in November ?

Freddie Kevin said...


The only day I look forward to is pay day :)

eddy said...

when you are in love everyday is a Valentine's day. Just like kalau ada duit, hari hari boleh raya.