Saturday, March 19, 2011

Is Najib Killing The Goose That Lays The Golden Egg ?

Hantu Laut

It's clear that there is a concerted move within UMNO that Najib gets a weak government after the 13th General Elections but may turn out otherwise.He may lose the government because of some UMNO leaders.His popularity alone can't save his government.

First and foremost,the Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister seemed not in sync with Najib's 1 Malaysia. A polarity clash not seen during Mahathir's time.Even Abdullah did not have that problem then because Najib stayed true as his deputy and did not make any unsettling statements.Demolishing Pak Lah was Tun Mahathir's precipitous intervention.

Sabah and Sarawak hold the keys to BN retaining the Federal government but recent events may prove otherwise if Najib continue to drag his feet on the Bible and Allah issues.The threatening statement here by the Mufti of Perak is uncalled for and needling for trouble.

I wonder how many Muslims were actually against it to justify such drastic action.I am sure Malaysian Muslims are peace loving and reasonable people and would not want to turn this country into another Afghanistan or Pakistan over an issue that is more political than religious in nature.

The Malay language is not the Malaysian government monopoly.Over 200 million Indonesians spoke the language, much more than in Malaysia. The Kadazans of Sabah and Dayaks of Sarawak have always had, for yonks, their Bibles in the Indonesian Malay language.

Even the mad and more extremist Pakistanis did not stop the Bible in Urdu and so did the Afghans, allowing it to be written in Pashto and Dari.The Christians are very small minority in these two countries and are persecuted by the larger Muslim population but would still allow the Bibles to be printed in the local language.

For decades this country was free of such dilemma until some jackass in the Home Ministry woke up one fine morning with a bad dream.Even the most hated (untrue,only politicians hate him) Prime Minister Mahathir did not touch on this religiously sensitive subject during his time.We heard of no such trouble then, the devil he may be, but he had everything under control, particularly issues of ethnic and religious sensitivities.

Hishmuddin, the Home Minister should wake up and ponder whether what he has done would help him garner votes or he just could not care less or what he did was with Najib's blessing.

If what he did was with Najib's blessing,which I doubted, than Najib should kill his 1 Malaysia and bury it in the deep blue sea.

Whatever the oppositions say about taking over the two states, BN have very good prospect of retaining Sabah and Sarawak, so don't kill it out of emotional stupidity of some of your ministers.

In Sabah and Sarawak, we have family members who are Christians, Buddhists and other faiths and we have no problem living alongside them.

Please leave Sabah and Sarawak out of this controversy.We have never complained about the Bible being printed in Malay.On the other hand, I am not sure whether Christians really need to use the word 'Allah' when they have other choices.

Why don't you learn to co-exist without imposing the will of each other's religion on the other.


eddy said...

Another interesting post, I think PM Najib is walking a very tight rope Bro, he really needs to win the next GE and win big that means he must win by more than 2/3rd majority otherwise like Abdullah before this he would probably be forced to retire.

Notwithstanding what the Perak Mufti said, like you said majority Muslims are sensible people and I believe do see the bigger picture. Heck when suraus were defiled by unknown persons recently, Muslims did not go up in arms or run amok.

I think majority Muslims will accept any decision by the Government on the issue as long as it follows the Laws of this blessed nation.

This Indonesian Bible issue were started by politicians and will have to be ended by politicians ultimately.

Anonymous said...

The government has doing th eright things releasing the bible with some clause attached to it.

It is only appropriate by the Christian group to accept the Government goodwill and tolerance to their demand.

Problem is the Christian group togetehr with Opposition party is milking their issue for political benefit .

i suspect the Christian group in Malaysia is in cohort with the opposition and elements from outside Malaysia to see PR led by DAP to run Malaysia.

Malays silence doesnt mean they ar OK with the Bible moves, thus najib take sinto account their silent rumbling with teh attached clause.

If majority of Malay Moslem can tolerate and give and take why the Christian Federataion in Malaysia cant?

And yet come out with defaceing issue after the Bibles hasve been released?


Purple Haze said...

I totally agree with you, HL and Eddy.

Its the politicians who are stirring the pot to gain votes but they fail to realise that they are polarising the rakyat.

SM said...

Bro HL,

As I commented in before, if Najib does not stop these little Napoleons (starting with his DPM & cousin Home Minister), all the good he has done will be wiped out! I fear that there is a quiet "concerted" effort to get Najib out!
As for stamping those Bibles with Serial Numbers, well to Anonymous 5:20pm, tell me if you would like the Quran stamped with Serial Numbers! The Bibles should be released unconditionally! Or are you guys so shallow in your faith that having the Bible in Malay will cause you to convert?!
As for the Allah issue, the Christians in East Malaysia have been using that word for ages, as you said don't try to "impose" your will on other people's religion, which is what these little "holier than thou" jokers are trying to do!