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Please Do Not Politicise Christianity For The Sake Of Politics

Hantu Laut

I am a Muslim and spent all my lives surrounded by non-Muslim friends of different faiths,........... eat, sleep,walk, party and play with them without a hint that we came from different faiths because religion was never a barrier or a subject we ever broached in our friendship.

Much as I don't agree with the government's action of stopping the Koran in the Malay language and the use of Allah I earnestly hope my Christian brothers do not politicise the issue to aggravate the situation.They must not allow others to take advantage of the situation and used it as an excuse to muddy the waters.

The mass prayer in Sarawak recently was a clear message that the religion have been hijacked by irresponsible politicians whose only concern is to win elections by igniting sensitive communal and religious issues.

I know most Christians are tolerant, apolitical, respectful of other religions, averse to controversy and usually do not pour their grievances on to the streets.Most prayers are done within the confine of churches.

In Sarawak, a Christian groundswell

The stamping of the bible by the Ministry of Home Affairs is only one out of the many reasons that have caused unhappiness among the Christians in Sarawak. — file pic

Here, a gathering of 70 Christians of different denominations protested for action to be taken against the Home Minister and the government sounds very hollow.Can the government take action against itself? It can only take corrective action to right what is wrong and the best way to achieve this is by peaceful negotiation.

Christian coalition formed amid Alkitab row

Spokesman for the Coalition of Malaysian Christians, Ronnie Klassen (second right) holds up a police report outside the PJ police headquarters today. — Picture by Choo Choy May

There are proper avenues to trash out such issues and confrontation is not one of them.

One can see the whole thing have been politicized to coincide with the Sarawak state elections to inflict maximum collateral damage to the ruling party.

Who is Ronnie Klessen? Isn't he the one disdainfully snubbed by Wan Azizah of his self-appointed "Director of Communication PKR Sabah" which Azizah claimed never exists.

His blog which used to mercilessly attack UMNO leaders has turned 360 degrees now attacking PKR leaders.Is he really interested in protecting his religion or playing politics seeking new political platform?

I think the Christian elders should not allow themselves to be used by politicians that can give excuse to other irresponsible elements to take advantage of the situation.

There are other ways to resolve the issues.One, is to use the justice system and the other one, the ballot box.

If you can't change the system than you should try change the government and chose one you think likely to give you what you wanted.

Use your own judgement, don't ever listen to the opposition's claim that the Malaysian general elections are rigged.How in hell they managed to capture 5 states and denied the BN of two-thirds majority in the 2008 General Elections if the elections were rigged?.

Think !

Don't be suckers to lies and half-truths.

The other night while having a drink at our usual watering hole a friend asked me why I always attack Anwar and the oppositions.

First and foremost, this is a political blog, not a Hello magazine, naturally I talked politics.Worse still, I don't believe in the Pakatan Rakyat concept, to me it is a farcical coalition.Voting them in is akin to putting chickens and ducks in government.Other than wanting to be government they have nothing in common, PAS going left, DAP going right and PKR going under.

Look! What happening in Sarawak? They are still fighting over seats allocation and SNAP has decided not to join them.Greed! In the animal kingdom they would be called hyenas.

Do you honestly believe PAS and DAP can work together in the long run?

As for Anwar Ibrahim? Let say I have an intuitive conviction there is something wrong with him. So sorry, never liked him even from his days in UMNO, even before his sacking by Mahathir.

Call it instinct or intuition, if you may, you can dislike a person without hating him.

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