Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wan Azizah's Apocalypse Now

Hantu Laut

PKR (Parti Keadilan) Sabah had its convention at Kinarut, Sabah on 12 March and launched its Buku Jingga (Orange Book), party leaders were euphoric that it would revive the party ailing popularity.

A get together to rejuvenate the party's health and convince Sabahans that this is the party that will resolve Sabah misfortunes when they took over political power. In greater scheme of things, the return of the 20 points and 20% increment of oil royalty.Delegates were jubilant no less, until Wan Azizah uttered the mother of all blunders, an unforgiveable insult to Sabahans.

Arrogance, lack of political wisdom and insincerity seems to be inherent quality of PKR top leadership.Making false promises is another biological trait they seem to possess.PKR leaders in distant Kuala Lumpur do not know Sabah and do not bother or want to know what the people of Sabah want.

Their only concern is how to grab political power by whatever means, by hook or by crook, does not matter, even citing Egypt's people power as an example that Malaysians can copy, forgetting that they are inciting a rebellion as the government of the day was elected by the people through a free and fair elections.

Sabah PKR has been saddled with problems the day it opened its door to Sabahans
.Just too many to mention.

Anwar Ibrahim is a poor judge of character and has serious deficiency in trusting people. The sacking of 12 of Jeffery Kitingan's KDM boys by Anwar without giving them a fair hearing was the straw that broke the camel back.He later removed Jeffery as Sabah PKR chief.

Not getting what they promised him ignited the departure of Jeffery Kitingan and the whole KDM's support exited with Jeffery when he left. Than came new chief Tamrin's prickly problem of no grassroots support. Removed Thamrin and came another bigger blunder of Pajudin Nordin, an unknown appointed by Party President Wan Azizah as PKR Sabah chief that triggered a revolt in majority of the party's divisions.Instead of defending her decision she came back to Sabah with the intention of removing Pajudin who preempted her move by resigning and immediately jumped to UMNO.

The convention aimed at bringing PKR back on track as fate would have it, was not to be. Wan Azizah the party president uttered the mother of all blunders what Sabahans hated most, what she must have thought was a smart political move.......promised to legalise all illegal immigrants by giving them permanent residence status within 100 days 0f taking over Putrajaya.

Party delegates were in shocking disbelieve and not at all impressed.They just could not believe what they just heard, the very thing they wanted to get rid off for decades is going to be legalised by Anwar Ibrahim and company.Is this the type of leader that they wanted, that dare to broach the frightening prospect of handing over the state to foreigners. Gaibon Ransoi, deputy chairman of the Tuaran division called Azizah's statement 'gila' and lamented "I am in PKR to fight for social justice and to defend the rights of the people of Sabah, not to help illegal immigrants become citizens"

Jinx seems to accompany Anwar Ibrahim and his wife Wan Azizah whenever they come to Sabah.

Sabahans took what she said seriously and PKR is finished as far as Sabah is concerned.

Now, how she wished it was a bad dream.

Just watch, they will immolate themselves in Sarawak too.

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Anonymous said...

What chance have these outdated politicians got when it comes to Sabah and Sarawak ? Sabah and Sarawak are buried for good if the natives are not working hard enough to redeem their States by going back to the 1963 accords! Seeing the ways things developed over the last 40 plus years for these 2 states and the quality or non-quality of our politicians, these 2 States would be as good as Zimbabwee in the years ahead for a long long time. Sad, very sad indeed ! Apocalypses are sad things anyway ! All because Orang Utans were having their field days all these Independent years !

Mohd said...

We just don't understand how the Sabahans can benefit by allowing the illegal immigrants to be legal Sabahans!
Wan Azizah must be nuts in the head tolerating Anwar's sodomy in her ass all this time.

Anonymous said...

Think carefully, a RCI will provide to find out the truth. Besides it is just a permanent resident, many of them can become a citizen too when they marry a local, so, it is no use at all. UMNO already giving out many project IC case. As far as it is concern, it is gila at first, if you give a LONG THOUGHT, it is a LOGICAL SOLUTION. It is still better than UMNO's no action taken, increasing misuse of Free IC by UMNO, etc.

PR'S BAD PLAN IS BETTER THAN UMNO's NO PLAN on the issue lasting for over >20 YEARS!!!!!!!