Saturday, April 23, 2011

Becoming harder to forgive Mahathir - by a Moron.

Kota Kinabalu: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad stepping down as Prime Minister was enough for many in Sabah to forgive but his latest book and comments made it difficult to do this, according to Sabah DAP Chief, Jimmy Wong.

He said for the record, Mahathir's policy on Sabah had hurt many people, especially the non-Muslim Natives.

The so-called much publicised book "Projek IC" by MD Mutalib where it was stated that hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants were systematically legalised and entered into the electoral roll was the most outstanding legacy he (Mahathir) left behind for Sabah, he said in a statement, Tuesday.

Wong said Sabah DAP was not surprised with the former Prime Minister's statement saying that DAP is a racist party and that Sarawak has now been infected with the DAP racist virus.

Jimmy added that his latest book "A Doctor In The House" reflected on the inner side of Dr Mahathir.

The Sri Tanjung Assemblyman said he wanted to advise Mahathir that time is not on his side.

"People say we must repent and spend more time to get to know and get closer to our Creator as we grow older into our twilight," he said and believed Dr Mahathir should enjoy his retirement and grow old gracefully.Daily Express


Anonymous said...

Tell lks to grow old peacefully. At least Dr Mahathir created many chinese billionaires. What has lks done for the chinese? And you are still ungrateful. Of course your type does not know the meaning of grateful.

Anonymous said...

What Tun dr M said about DAP being a racist party is true. So what nonsense is this DAP jocker is grumbling about Tun.

Mohd said...

If indeed Mahathir had legalised the immigrants in Sabah, he was just following Lee Kuan Yew who had brought in thousands of Chinese from the mainland China and Hong Kong to increase the Chinese population in Singapore.
You Chinaman can do, we Malays cannot?
Wah double standard meh?

Anonymous said...

My simple advice to Wong....

>>>keep your f*$%ing...mouth shut and fly kite elsewhere.

sam/PRAY, it works said...

mahathir will rue his long life

SM said...

Bro HL,

My comment to Anonymous 9:12AM is.....
The Chinese will ALWAYS have Billionaires & Millionaires among them...just look at any country where they are it...Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, Philippines, Indonesia or anywhere else in the world!
It's their Industrious ways & Guts in going for Business & Business opportunities & their superb work ethic...unlike some people who will continue to ask the Government to help them...expecting free hand-outs, free jobs, free business everything forever!

eddy said...

There's no vaccine for DAP racism. This Wong fella is an ungrateful M O R O N indeed.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.12am

I remembered not too long ago, some author alledged that during one of our recent PM reign, rm900 billion leak out of our econiomic system through corruption. Most of these money never got back into our system.

If I have $900 billion, what can I do?

1. Award 900 Malaysian 1 billion dollars each and I would have created 900 billionaires. Currently, how many Malaysian billionaires?

2. With $900 billion, I will be able to award every single malaysian $33,333 each. And assuming the average national spending rate of 70% (an average Malaysian will save 30% of their income), the total wealth of the nation would have multiplied. In other words, by giving these leakages bach to the rakyat, the nation would be in a much better economic position.