Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tipu !

Hantu Laut

My darts on the results of the Sarawak state elections was closed to the bull's-eye.My earlier prediction of Taib winning his seat and the BN retaining its two-thirds majority was not far-fetched either.

I expect SNAP to pick up 1 or 2 seats. Obviously, the party have lost all credibility with the electorate.Almost all its candidates have lost their deposits.

I gave DAP 8 to 10 seats but they did better than that, capturing 12 seats comfortably.The large crowds at its rally did translate into votes and is the only party among the coalition partners that have made significant inroads into Sarawak politics.

PAS, who do not know between East and West, got their heads in the mincer..... zero as predicted.

Worst of the lot was PKR.Greedy and zealously over estimated its own strength. Even with Anwar confidently saying that Pakatan led by PKR can pull it off and take over the state government, as in his usual body of lies, could only garner 3 seats and that's with the help of DAP. His party performance was shamefully dismal, winning only 3 seats out of 49 or so seats contested.

Taib has proven the doomsayers wrong.He may be the most corrupted chief minister but he has managed to wag the dog on the corruption issue and got himself re-elected with resounding majority.

Obviously, Anwar and Pakatan's dirty war against Taib failed miserably.

Now, the accusations of 'tipu' would commence shortly by Anwar and his gang with claims of vote rigging, votes buying and litany of other election misdemeanors by BN.But let us ask how could DAP have won so many seats if there were cheatings by the ruling coalition?


SM said...

Bro HL,

Almost spot on! Well done!
One thing you failed to say here is that PM Najib saved Taib's ass!
I seriously believe that if Najib had not "camped' in Sarawak last week, the BN would have fared much worse!
I would say Congrats to Najib & not Taib (Taib still will have to watch his back as everyone & his donkey knows how corrupted he is!).

SM said...

Bro HL,

By the way, Sarawakians voted for PM Najib NOT Taib!