Wednesday, April 27, 2011

When Politicians Talked Stupid

Hantu Laut

Politicians, their skin's moisture varies according to the political climate and their political sentiments changed according to the level of mercury, the hotter it is, the more mercurial they are, juggling political innuendos, similes and looming nemesis of their political rivals, even if pigs could fly and no matter how absurd the prophecies are.

Pantai Manis Assemblyman and former minister in the Sabah State cabinet said there is no doubt Sabah has progressed a lot under the UMNO-led BN government but casual observation show signs that caused unrest in the Middle East can be found in Sabah.He may be disappointed the genie with the magic lamp may not grant his wishes and emotional prediction.

Rahim, other than a dime, a dozen of UMNO leaders in Sabah, has ambition to be chief minister of Sabah.Having fallen out with Chief Minister Musa Aman he was dropped from the state cabinet after the March 2008 General Elections.

Desperation, can be one's own worst political enemy. Anwar Ibrahim had made the same comparison of this beloved country, hoping for the Middle East contagion to reach Malaysia, so Malaysia can get the people's power epidemic to help him topple the government. He must be very disappointed as the genie with the magic lamp did not grant him his wish too.

Even the abominable Raja Petra Kamaruddin was more pragmatic in his opinion telling the world that such uprising would never happen in Malaysia.

Than you have a leader of a political party in Sabah joining Ibrahim Ali playing the race card but in a different spectrum.

The Deputy President of LDP Chin Sui Phin who is constantly at loggerhead with Chief Minister Musa Aman attacked Musa and blamed him for his party woes for not being given enough ministerial position after the resignation of Peter Pang from LDP who was appointed deputy chief minister when Raymond Tan of SUPP had to relinquish his post when SUPP pulled out of the BN.Chin has only one target, Musa Aman and it is rumoured that he is fighting a proxy war for someone else which he vehemently denied.

Chin should have himself to blame and is silly to expect better treatment from a man he has viciously attacked and now using the race card as an excuse to rattle the Najib's administration to take action against Musa quoting Sarawak as an example of lost of Chinese support.Chin's memory may be short of the truth and long on personal vendetta.

What happened in Sarawak is nothing new, the BN had lost majority Chinese support in the March 2008 General Elections under Badawi.The DAP won 28 parliamentary seats which is 13% of the total seats in parliament and took control of two states government, Penang and Perak.

DAP garnered more parliamentary seats than PAS, getting only 23 seats.

In PRU13, DAP, most likely would capture almost all Chinese seats wiping out almost the entire Chinese-based parties in BN. Knowing their days are numbered MCA and LDP are trying hard singing the Chinese song.Maybe, a little too late.

MCA, Gerakan,SUPP and LDP are all in dire straits.The Chinese voters rejection in PRU13 would be unprecedented.

To counter the DAP threat all marginal Chinese seats traditionally given to these BN component parties would be returned to UMNO to maximise its chance of winning the greatest number of Malay seats.The parties can only contest in Chinese dominated constituencies which would see many fatalities.

MCA has gone completely gaga in its attempt to redeem itself with the Chinese community. MCA leaders even dared to call Taib Mahmud, in spite of him getting two-thirds majority, to resign. Literally, borrowing the opposition's call for Taib to go.MCA leaders should look at themselves in the mirrior.Why the Chinese deserted the BN?

Loss of Chinese support in Sarawak was not entirely Taib's fault, it's the West Malaysian contagion primarily brought about by MCA and Gerakan's failure in Peninsula Malaysia.The same epidemic would soon spread to Sabah, if it is not already there.

Without any doubt, loss of overall Chinese support for the BN was mainly due to MCA and Gerakan not Taib.

In desperation of making redemption with the Chinese, MCA attacked Utusan which triggered a backlash from Perkasa, seen as an affiliate of UMNO, although the top leadership denied of such connection.Perkasa protested and demanded that MCA be kicked out of the BN.

In PRU 12, Sabah and Sarawak were spared the racial polarisation.These two states have always enjoyed racial harmony and religious tolerance with the ebb and flow and has the greatest number of intermarriages in the country where race has always been in the backseat.

So, don't blame us for what you guys in the Peninsula started first. It's a West Malaysian disease blowing our way.


SM said...

Bro HL,

Yes, you are right! Loss of Chinese support was due mainly to MCA & Gerakan doing a piss-poor job standing up to thier UMNO Masters.
The Chinese rejected Taib due to his Corruption. I don't think Taib was anti-Chinese or anything like that to cause them to reject him.
MCA attacked Utusan? Well...if you read what Utusan has been saying I for once agree with MCA for "attacking" Utusan.
PERKASA & Utusan are the worst kind of Racists there are! They are constantly pitting the Malays against the Non-Malays. And yes...the Racial crap started from West Malaysia...East Malaysia is getting the tail end of the crap now!

Anonymous said...

Chinese rejected Taib because they rejected corruption and was disgusted with how Taib was enriching himself and his family by looting and raping the land.

Is that something wrong? Is that a disease?

I think you got it opposite already. The disease is corruption and the disease is being spread by BN. And it is the well informed urban population that are trying to purge it.

de engineur said...

Great read here Hantulaut. Politics is not in my blood but wrong doings and stupidity of some leaders/politicians i'm very much aware of and am keeping myself updated.

I know who to vote for in the next PRU