Sunday, May 22, 2011

Anwar Looking Down At The Poor Orang Kampong

Hantu Laut

There were 1000 strong poor kampong folks in Cheras Baru who listened to Anwar's bullshit about subsidies for the poor and Najib bowing to rich towkays.

If the kampong people believe him I don't blame them because they don't know any better but Anwar is certainly a liar and a bigot because he looks down on the poor kampong folks and think they are stupid and can be easily fooled.

Somebody in the crowd should have asked Anwar when he was Finance Minister did he give huge projects and businesses to any poor folk in Cheras Baru or in any other kampong or he gave it to the same kind of people who can do the job properly, help stimulate the economy, generate more jobs for the people and pay more taxes into the government coffers.

Ask him how many people are under his employment as compared to people like Ananda,Bukary,Vincent Tan,Francis Yeo and thousands of other entrepreneurs and businessmen that have contributed to the economy and well being of this country.Ask him how much has he contributed in term of taxes, foreign exchange gains and other economic contributions that have helped put money in our pockets and helped the government to develop the country giving us a better live.

“They give subsidies to poor people and call it opium but when they give it to the rich it is okay although they are the real opium addicts,” he said in response to Najib likening petrol subsidies to opium.

At lease Najib is honest and prepared to bite the bullet and stake his job to take unpopular decision to save the nation from bankruptcy. The present economic situation would bankrupt the nation if the government continue giving out too much subsidies.

Would he like to turn this country into an agrarian nation like what Pol Pot and the Khmer Rogue did in Cambodia many years ago, killed all the intellectuals, the doctors, lawyers, teacher, businessmen and anyone using glasses deemed to be pests and parasites.

Anwar argued that the subsidies could be maintained if the “dictatorial” BN clamped down on corruption.

Yes, agree, but what is the quantum between the two?

Wasn't he charged for corruption too and the sentence still stands.

Without the rich no country can survive economically.They are the economic engines that create sustainable economic output and create employment for the people.

You can listen to Anwar at your own perils.

Kick out BN, Anwar tells the poor here.


Anonymous said...

Shame on you for writting rubbish.

vinnan said...

That is right kick out you UMNO/Perkosa bastards who only knows how to enrich themselves while the rest of the country suffer. This time the opposition strategy of bleeding the government at every by-election and the Sarawak election is coming to fruition. UMNO/Perkosa is desperate for money to fight the next GE so now they are going to screw the poor first and then use the same money to play Santa Claus come the next GE. This Santa Claus trick came in the form of the cash payment to Singaporeans a few days before the election did not save the PAP from seeing their popular vote slide to a mere 60%. because once the inflation genie is out of the bottle there are very few ways to control it.

Anonymous said...


You give rock-solid, long-term concessions & monopolies to another set of cronies Ali, Ah Kow & Muthu i'm sure they also can create equal amount of jobs or more than the UMNO cronies you mentioned Vincent, Abukhary, Francis, Ananda...

That's a lame argument coming from a joker like you.

~ UnSupporter of Hantulautan Inconsistencies

SM said...

Bro HL,

This darn fellow will not go away will he?!
They attack him with Sodomy I & then Sodomy II. They say he's in co-hoots with the Isralies (although they use an Isralei PR firm for their Slogans).
Then they come up with a Sex tape & say he's having sex with a Chinese prostitute. Then the PDRM makes a big show about investigating the tape & will reveal who the man is. Then the PDRM comes out again later saying they will not name the man because they do not want to be accused of playing Politics!
And still he's making all sorts of noise & going all over the place giving speeches!
Geeeeze how inconvenient!
Never mind lah...after this next Sodomy II, they should be able to find him guilty & throw him in Jail.
But then, these stupid Malaysians will say that's he's a martyr & accuse Honest Najib's UMNO (not BN as the other slave parties don't count) of harassing him!
Really very inconvenient!

sickput said...

u stupid fool.

anwar was charged for making a "gertak" statement to a cop who kept on visiting his office.

but he is also guilty of sleeping with either the cronies, or the job for allowing the government to overspend and signed one sided agreements that cripples the consumers.

those agreements legacy will burden the citizens for decades to come.

Anonymous said...


Be real lah sikit!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hantu, Tell us how manay millions of tax payer's money you had siphoned off from contract or licences given by UNMO ? You are one of those UNMO cronies abusing power.You talk shit.UNMO politicians, people like you and corupted businessmen,bumi,Chinese and Indians and corupted civil servants conned tax payer's money millions everyday.You now talk shits.Declar your wealth to the MACC and where are your money came from ? Corruption and nothing from Corruption.

Anonymous said...

you are a disgrace to your nation and race. you are a disgrace with to society...and shame on you to write such junks.

Anonymous said...

In a country oil-rich like ours,there shouldn't be poor people in the first place..

Anonymous said...

Ananda,Bukary,Vincent Tan,Francis Yeo...
you wait for their cheque lerr Mr. Hantu.

Anonymous said...

If you think all the readers here are bunch of fools, you are mistaken. You are the fool to put such a article insulting our intelligence.

Anonymous said...

I got blurred when I finished reading the article.

Anonymous said...


As u can fully understand from anwarista's promises, let us the fools to believe and hoping THEM to rule this country to a brighter future.

We all know, this is their NOW OR NEVER term.

As we fools in Selangor have experienced the good governance practices by the state government i.e through Local Council and District Office of how they have taken care off the poor and the needy. And we fools is Selangor is enjoying and sing along their song of liberty, good governance, free of corruption, non racial basis type of human management.

We the fools reserve what ever song that they want us to sing.


Mat Navy said...

HL, You are the one who is looking down on us poor orang kampung

Anonymous said...


You hanya nampak apa Anwar kelentong,tapi you tak nampak apa yang Najib & lanun2nya dok goreng kpd orang2 kampung.

Bila harga barang naik,orang kampung yang teruk!

Anonymous said...

wasting my time reading your inborn error of your grey matter-full of rubbish.

anak hantu laut said...

hantu laut ni sudah mabuk laut la..

bumi-non-malay said...

Kasihan ...Bloggers UMNO PERLU tulis begini supaya dapat gaji harian.... 3 paket nasi lemak dan air warna warni.

Kini Mufti UMNO Pulak yang boleh kata Mangsa Tanah Runtuh mati Shayid. Ini bukan HINA Protocol Islam?? Rupanya hanya bumi non malay sahaja yang bolen perbaiki Islam di Malaysia...

Tak ada Cakap Langsung Penbunuhan orang Islam oleh Tentera Syria....Atau Tentera Sial Muhammad Gadaffi Rogol wanita Islam kat Misrata......Kita Perlu Buat Protest atas KEKEJAMAN Orang Islam Munafik Terhadap Islam Benar......Ayuh Orang Malaysia Bersiap Sedia buat Perhimpunan.....Harap Orang Islam Benar Malaysia Bangun dan MEMBERONTAK Kekejaman Islam ...Macam UMNO!!

Perlukan Malaysia dan Islam diHANA kerana satu Parti melayu UMNO??

Anonymous said...

Bloody retarded writer with a empty garbage of an article. What an insult to my intelligence reading your garbage!!

Hamid Othman said...

shit semua yang buat comment disini adalah orang crony dan taksub kepada anwar. Dulu orang PAS belarak kemesjid untuk Anuwar pergi angkat sumpah tak terima rasuh 5,000,000 rm tetapi sekarang ini sokong dia bermatimatian,apa ni, orang Melayu mudah lupa.

Anonymous said...

Another bullshit from hantu umno