Friday, May 6, 2011

Those Awfully Lazy And Stupid Reporters

Hantu Laut

In the world of journalism ignorance is not bliss it's idiocy.The less you know the more idiotic you are.

Lazy reporters, journalists or whatever they may be called, aplenty, in this country.Like the Utusan Malaysia reporter who thought "ultra vires" uttered by Karpal Singh were words insulting the Sultan of Perak.

My English teacher would have recoiled in sheer horror.He would have said "If you don't know, ask! If you are 'bodoh sombong' than that's your funeral".

If you are shy to ask, today there are other alternative in this technological age, there are wealth of information on the Internet and it's free. All you have to do is a click of the mouse and presto! You are there.

But than, "ultra vires" if one needs to get to the bottom of it's meaning is not even English, it's Latin, but has become very English by its broad usage, particularly by the legal fraternity.

Like the student who refused to do his homework many of these purveyors of news are just too bloody lazy to get the facts of the matter right.They are the typical "makan gaji" type that took no pride in their work.

I remember when my family had a tragedy and my father and my grandparents perished in a fire that consumed my father's house Bernama reported that I was an adopted son and studying in Singapore when I am of the same flesh and blood, already married with three children, the only son and running a multi-million dollar trading and shipping business in Singapore at that time.I chose to ignore the report and consider the reporter was just too bloody lazy to do his work professionally.

Till today, I wondered who was the person that he enquired the information from.

Now, I understand why they are called reporters.Their job is just to report without worrying about the authenticity of the information.

Than you get some too smart for their own good.A video (below) shows a TV3 reporter asking Wan Azizah whether Anwar Ibrahim owned an Omega watch and she replied in the affirmative and what come next was a scatterbrain and sheer stupidity, she asked "cuba kasi tengok" asking Wan Azizah to show her the watch there and then.

Real smart ass.

Below is another stupid reporter who hassled Anwar over the same Omega watch which most people knew has not been confirmed to belong to Anwar, asking Anwar if he has the watch why has he not surrendered it to the police.Did the police asked Anwar for the watch?

Is she a rookie, or was coached by her bosses to ask those questions or just plain stupid? The police have not asked Anwar to produce the watch.They need not have to as no crime has been committed.Infidelity is not a crime, it is just something society frown upon.

"I want to show how UMNO operate" insinuated Anwar of the awfully stupid question.

Reporter bodoh UMNO yang kena.

Utusan,TV3 and all GLC media network it's about time you recruit real journalists not some half-past-six reporters incapable of asking sensible questions.


SM said...

Bro HL,

You fail to realise one important point...i.e. Real Reporters with Brains would not work for the MSM you have just written about!
That's why they have these Monkeys!

Pak Zawi said...

Agree with you about the half baked reporter.

Anonymous said...

Yalah bro, memang betul. Cuba lihat wartawan kat MSM, kualiti diapa tu memag menakjubkan.

Anonymous said...

orang melayu patut baca surat low iew cheng dalam web perkasa

cina babi kurang ajar. menteri kdn tak habis habis memantau

desiderata said...

Sdr SM dan Pak Zawi:

I beg to disagree -- there are some brave reporters in MSM who tried/try their best to perform their duties intelligently and professionally. Just that the "bodekism" culture so prevalent at the Malaysian workplaces results in "average" journalists being promoted to editors positions. (BTW, this commenter Desi has had 30years plus experience in both MSM and online news, now freelancing!:)

Why do you think Sdr Hata Wahari -- NUJ President no less! -- was given the marching orders by Utusan Melayu/Utusan Malaysia? (I would have been damned proud of Hata if I were the newspaper's chief, Yes!)

Dear hots Hatu laut, with your BUMmer spirit anticipated, Iam reproducing this post my my Blog, can? Endless rounds of tehtarik

Anonymous said...

What, reporter?????
Not half baked reporter, quater baked

desiderata said...

Dear SM dan Pak Zawi:

I beg to differ with your views. I know from experience there are in MSM brave reporters who practise professional journalism. Because of the "bodekism" culutre prevalent in the Malaysian workplace, the true professionals don't get promoted, while ball carriers who rise to GEIC posts can hardly boast of good writing (their original English copies have to be well edited; otherwise, tak boleh pakai lah:(

Now think WHY an NUJ Prez like Hata Wahari would be sacked by his employer/Utusuan Malaysia when any "educated" employe would have been proud of their worker sitting in such an "esteemed" position related to promoting Journalists' welfare and rights, No?

BTW, I had had served 30plus years in both MSM and online newspapers, also a stint in diplomatic PR/media, but now free lancing which is a struggle because some parttime "employers" really believe you are there to provide them "free" writing services! ~~ YL, Desi

Anonymous said...

kesian camana anwar dizalimi oleh pihak yg tidak bertanggung jawab. soal dulu madey dengan isu RM100 billion, tanya khir toyo camana dia cukup kaya nak miliki mahligai.


Anonymous said...

Agree that there are lazy reporters. Once I engaged a The Star reporter to highlight an abandoned housing project. What was reported was I took a bank loan when I was not even asked the question. Another house buyer was called a Datuk in the article when he wasn't one. From that day on, I knew I couldn't accept whatever that was printed in The Star. After Anwar's sacking by Mahathir, I realised I couldn't trust all the other papers as well.

Anonymous said...

I say man! This ultra virus thing is it a new disease arh? I don't trust our court also. And Malaysian mainstream journalist are pro-government. Some are on missions like 007 but only media 007. Like you know Ludlum write bout agent provacateur? Sama saja lah. So they will heckle people like Anwar and all other opposition politicians. How come they don't go and heckle the politicians of the government of the day? Hey jaga jaga lah nanti Home Ministry kasi warning suspend permit!

Anonymous said...

They are all Ultra Vires reporters from UMNO/BN hahahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Bro HL., And my English teacher would fell unconscious if i use 'then' and 'than' wrongly in my sentences.

Hantu Laut said...

Anonymous 1.14AM,

Very interesting, I am still learning English unlike you who are already an expert.Please point out to me in which context I have used the word wrongly so I can correct it.

Would you have not considered a typing error?

Anonymous said...

anon 1:14

would fall unconcious not fell

SM said...

Sdr Desiderata,

Ya betul juga. Tapi reporter2 mcm Hata is one in a million in Malaysia! Yang lain semua kaki bodek Kerajaan.

kluangman said...

Namanya pun 'reporter'.

Yang lazim golongan ini buat ialah menulis, bertanya saolan, berlari, bersesak, merakam dan sebagainya. Mereka akan berkejar pula ke individu lain, majlis lain, tempat lain, negeri lain hatta negara lain.

Mereka mencari dan melaporkan berita yang ada asas kebenarannya tetapi bukan kepada 100% ketepatannya.

Apa yang kita jangkakan dari mereka?

Mereka mengejar 'berita' untuk dilaporkan sebaik mungkin. Surat khabar dan media lain bukan bertujuan rujukan rasmi yang sahih tepat kepada satu berita, sekadar yang ada asas. Kebenaran serta ketepatannya kena dikaji sendiri.

Mereka bukan pegawai penyelidik, bukan penulis tesis, bukan pegawai penyiasat, bukan hakim, bukan pengkaji sejarah, bukan ahli bahasa dan tidak juga seorang setiausaha untuk mendapatkan maklumat secara terprinci atas faktor masa yang terhad.

Kekurangan 'reporter' ini bukan sahaja berlaku di Malaysia tetapi di seluruh dunia dan yang paling malang, sesetengah berita sudah dirancang dan direka bagi tujuan tertentu oleh mereka yang berkepentingan.

Al-jazeera sendiri ujud untuk mengimbangkan pembohongan dan manipulasi berita barat.