Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A War America Could Never Win:Osama bin Laden Dead Or Alive?

Hantu Laut

September 11 2001, the World Trade Centre demolished by two hijacked commercial planes commandeered by Arab terrorists linked to Osama bin Laden's Al-Qeida terrorist organisation.Nearly 3000 died in the final collapse of the Twin Tower, landmark of America's pride.

For nearly a decade, Osama managed to elude the dragnet put up by the U.S military and the CIA. For many years he was assumed to be hiding in the mountainous region bordering Afghanistan and Pakistan, protected by the Talibans and war lords, in one of the most lawless and restive regions on the globe.

For almost a decade the U.S military was fooled of his whereabouts, searching for him in all the wrong places, dropping bombs hopefully to hit the intended target, but Osama always seemed ten steps ahead and was never found, dead or alive.

American bombs, more often than not, hit innocent civilians rather than Osama and his wild and wily supporters but America claimed otherwise, that they hit terrorist's encampments.

U.S military might with all its sophisticated hardware and advanced surveillance and stealth technology could not, in George Bush's best cowboy slugger, smoke Osama out of his lair. Osama remained elusive and was the most wanted man on the FBI Ten Most Wanted list with a bounty of $25 million from the US government plus $2 million offered by the Airline Pilot Association for his head, dead or alive.

Despite the huge bounty on his head no bounty hunter or squealer in his fold has taken up the offer.Osama remained the most elusive fugitive.For almost a decade no one had dared sell him to the American.

First presumed dead by the American in the battle of Tora Bora, Osama and major Al Qeida and Taliban leaders under the pretext of a truce to give them time to surrender their weapons managed to give US forces the slip and escaped to the mountainous region of Pakistan.

George W.Bush's big bluster about capturing Osama was a source of embarrassment and spent inordinate amount of time in pursuing the Al Qeida leader.Humiliated, Bush said "I truly am not concerned about him" and his war on terror turned out to be America's longest horror.

The Vietnam War lasted 103 months, by this June the Afghan War would have exhausted 104 months and still no end in sight.

How come Osama managed to fool the American hiding in plain sight in million dollar high security residence in an area full of soldiers and close to Pakistan premier military academy and only 30 miles from the capital Islamabad without the knowledge of the Pakistani military and government?

Osama bin Laden's Abbottabad compound - in pictures

Was the Pakistani government complicit in giving him protection or knew of his shelter but kept it from the American?

The Pakistani government may have a lot of explaining to do on how the most wanted man in the world living among the general population could have escaped detection.

America's so called allies in Afghanistan and Pakistan might not be so allied.

The US indiscriminate bombing in Pakistan that have hit civilian targets have angered the Pakistani population and put tremendous pressure on the government.

America's arrogance would continue to destabilise the region and a long fought war would not bring any change to both countries other than more anger and more militant attacks on civilians targets in the country and Western targets overseas.

Obama should be congratulated for having done George Bush's unfinished job.

Like the Soviets withering war in Afghanistan, the American will walk out of Afghanistan with their tails in between their legs.


SM said...

Bro HL,

The Americans have no choice. They cannot just keep quiet & "hope" that Terrorism will disappear. These Terrorists managed to "invade" thier country when they hit the Twin Towers.
As for Obama, well I agree with's not going to stop the Terror Networks from stopping thier attacks.
It's a symbolic victory at the very least (after all they have been trying to get him for more than a decade).
As for Pakistan, well, as India alleged that the Pakistan Government was involved in the Mumbai attacks...the Pakistan Government must have known where Osama was. Pakistan on the one hand wants "Yankee Dollars" & on the other hand wants to propogate their "brand" of "Terror" through Islam.
It's a losing battle NOT only for America but for ALL Peace loving nations (including Malaysia). But most of all it's a losing battle for "Islam" as it is branded as a "Terrorist" Religion! Very, very sad!

Anonymous said...

mari undi di sini

Freddie Kevin said...

Dear HL,

Skyscrapers are built to withstand accidental impact of an aircraft.

Logic and common sense dictates that such an eventuality be figured into the design of these skyscrapers.

The twin towers could not have collapsed the way it did. It bears all the characteristics like those professional demolition of old buildings.

The official explanation of the twin tower collapse does not correspond to another tower, that was not subject of any aircraft crash, which collapsed in the same way as the twin towers.

Your post suggests that you do not accept this view.


'The Americans have no choice.' and 'These Terrorists managed to "invade" thier country when they hit the Twin Towers'

They have. Mind their own business and maybe these "terrorists" might not be bothered, as you correctly ambiguate, invade the US.

It's the Govt I am referring to.

Thank you

Purple Haze said...


The US preseence in the Middle East is not for any altruistic purpose but to secure teh supply of oil.

In say, 30 years time, perhaps we will all be using electric cars and use nuclear or other non-fossil fuel methods to generate electricity and thus, the US presence will be reduced significantly.

That will become a problem for the Middle Eastern countries as well as countries like Pakistan, where there will be reduced strategic influence. If these countries do not uplift the living standards now, they run the risk of remaining in the "Third World".

It is really up to the leadership of these Middle Eastern countries to do something NOW.

bumi-non-malay said...

another LOSER comment on a dead man...why bother?? Your spin tak lakulah...change your religion better!!