Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Demagogues

Hantu Laut

Demagoguery or demagogy was first used by ancient Greek playwright Aristophanes to describe Athenian statesman Cleo as a warmonger and a demagogue.

Today, the word applies to politicans who used impassioned rhetoric and propaganda encompassing prejudices,emotions, fears and expectation of the public to attain political power.

American social critic and humorist H.L.Mencken described a demagogue as "one who will preach doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots."

Demagoguery also emphasizes the use of lying and falsehood, skilled demagogues can sway their uncritical listeners to their sides.Classical Greek philosopher Plato who acknowledges that persuasive communication isn't inherently evil, just destructive when abused and demagogues can poison the well of public opinion.He argues that when demagoguery takes the truth out of persuasion, the art exits as well and rhetoric, in order to be art, must be based on the truth.

One of the most successful demagogues in history was Adolf Hitler who truly believed in his own anti-Jewish diatribes that led to the Holocaust, the mass murder of European Jews by Nazi Germany.

Malaysia has a fair share of demagogues and rhetors who can spellbound the audience with their impassioned rhetoric.The most successful demagogue is Pakatan Rakyat's de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, who can deliver excellent histrionics with great credulity.

"Minyak naik harga, harga makanan naik" which is a global phenomenon.Can Pakatan Rakyat really bring down the prices of these items if they form the government.

Bersih rally has Anwar's name written all over it.It's a diversion he needed to divert attention away from his personal problems and at the same time availing Pakatan the lost momentum they suffered in the last few by-elections.Their over-confidence that Sarawak would fall to them in the recent state elections, in spite of all the atrocious mud-slinging against Taib Mahmud, ended in one huge disappointment.

Except for the Chinese community the people of Sarawak have not yet accepted Pakatan.It makes one wonder if the elections were as dirty as alleged by Bersih how in heaven's name DAP managed to win 12 seats and PKR 3 seats?

Fair,free and clean elections is just a ploy, the whole thing stinks of Anwar's brand of politics.It is a roadshow for Anwar,PKR and PAS.Other than some over-zealous politicians in DAP, majority of Chinese prefer the ballot box rather than taking their grievances to the streets.

Obviously, DAP do not feel threatened by Bersih alleged cheating at the polls.Their sterling performance in Sarawak state elections was testimony that if the people support you no amount of cheating can deprive you from winning.DAP support is growing and is even considering to field Malay candidates in Malay areas, which shows that they have no confident in PKR and PAS.There will be insignificant Chinese presence at today's Bersih rally.

Anyway, Najib screws up big time.I am now beginning to wonder whether there are anymore smart people left in his cabinet.He mishandled the Bersih issue.

Today, is D-Day for him and his government.It will have serious repercussions at the next polls.


Anonymous said...

I don't think this rally it is about Anwar Ibrahim. For all we care Anwar is considered gone. Other capable leaders will rise to lead the nation to greater height instead of the present tainted leaders from UMNO who seems to care only about lining up their pockets and those of their cronies. You know it but just refuse to admit it. We need to change the government because it is the only way to change these corrupted leaders. Who knows after the change of government UMNO may rise again with better and capable leaders who really have the people and country at heart. With the present leaders we are taking the country down to the gutters.

Anonymous said...

At this point of time, the need to change the government should not even be raised. We are in the midst of a much more critical issue, i.e. the global economic downturn. There is no assuarance that a new government would make any difference. A nation led by a super-demagogue like Anwar would undoubtedly end up in a major chaos. We don't need a political turmoil right now....we need solutions; perhaps not to 'overcome', but at least...'sustain' in the current economic phenomenon.

SM said...

Bro HL,

Change is always difficult & UMNO has shown that it can't change.
History has thought us that there comes a time in a Nation's histoty when EVERYTHING changes & for Malaysia it's "probably" today. No, with the PDRM out in full force, you may not get much problems in KL today BUT as you said, Najib has seriously mishandled the whole situation.
Worse still he's leaving the country to go off for some appointment or another! Astounding! Like a rat leaving a sinking ship! Coward that's what people are saying (to add to the liar tag that he has just earned for promising BERSIH a Stadium but now the PDRM is saying NO!
The biggest winner will be either the people (i.e. in the next GE, they vote UMNO out) or Muhyiddin & Mahatir (in the guise of Mukriz his son). Why do you think Muhyiddin & Mahatir have been both keeping quite?! All Mahatir is saying is that he thinks BN the may suffer in the next GE.
Well, what goes around comes around. Najib got rid of Badawi....Muhyiddin will get rid of Najib! Sad...very sad as Najib (just like Badawi) started off with so much hope (more like hype).
1-Malaysia could have been so much more than a BIG EXPANSIVE SLOGAN!
I agree with Anonymous 7:00AM, who knows after a change of Govt, UMNO may rise again with better Leaders (like in thier past...when once I too was a staunch UMNO supporter).

SM said...

Bro HL,

I have friends who are trying to get to the Stadium Merdeka at this very moment! They have been tear gassed, beaten, manhandled & chased but they are still trying to get to Stadium Merdeka!
The PDRM is gassing & beating Malaysians who are trying to walk peacefully to Stadium Merdeka.
They are also man handling women!
You must be so proud of your Government at this very moment! The PDRM beating unharmed Civilians! Must be an UMNO thing! Oh & they are not touching the "Red" UMNO Youth "Patriots". PERKASA & their Silat warriors are no where to be seen though! Empty vessels I guess!
Wow! Our PDRM warriors are so heroic, beating unharmed women & men! Makes me wanna cry!

Anonymous said...

I am a non malay . I pay tax of 8.500 per month ( pay to maintain a squardron of zombie idoits enforcement officers ) and have also to pay around 18,000 ringgit a month average to stay and study in Australia and another to join next year. Her college mates are also so called deprived bumis but are of rich parents . Kids confied in each others and they say all FOC on the Malaysia government. Now if can think will atleast explain why the ordinary malays are anti-government. Thwy only get lip service and their kids only end up at the lower end of the economy. Reason is they do not get help as promised in education . These are bright students but rejected due to their parents in the wrong party. These youths are clamoring for justice and nobody can hold back the tide. These were the youths who made a stand and a statement today in KL. You remind me of Dr Gobbels and I am amazed how you can spin. PR can bring prices down when they can stop the leaks .that is the vlind stealing of thw country's money buy the most blant thives in Malaysia BN . Do not tell me that they live within their means and their kids earn a living thru their own merits . You are beliving in your own spin and what a shame and I honestly pity your laxk of depth and also your stupidy. I do not care if you want to print my comments and I have more to tell about the incest yes incest the BN government commiting on its own people