Friday, July 1, 2011

Simple Questions For Ambiga And Pakatan Leaders

Hantu Laut

I would like to ask Ambiga, Pakatan's leaders and the ilk very simple questions:

1.How in hell PAS can ruled Kelantan continuously for over 20 years?

2.How PBS who was in the opposition then won the Sabah state elections 1985 and 1990 ?

3.How Pakatan Rakyat won in 5 states and took over 80 parliamentary seats in March 2008?

4.How Pakatan won in 8 out of 16 by-elections?

How do you expect Malaysians to believe you that there is no free and fair elections in Malaysia.

Grateful if you could answer the above questions.

Lest your forget, read the famous Lincoln's statement below about people like you.

"You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time." - Abraham Lincoln

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SM said...


I'm not Ambiga nor am I a PKR member but I have the following answers for you:-

1/ Because the people of Kelantan are so against the corrupted, evil, Racist, non-Islamic like rule of the UMNO/BN Government, that's how.

2/ Don't matter that PBS won, the frogs were paid off by UMNO / BN Government anyway. Just like what happened in Perak.

3/ If there was REAL fair & free elections, PR will be in Putrajaya today!

You do well to quote Abe Lincoln here.....the Rakyat are not being fooled by the UMNO / BN Government anymore. 1-Malaysia...Rakyat diperbodohkan, Rasuah diutamakan!

Why is it that UMNO is so shit scared of this walk? If they have nothing to lose, let it happen. It's only when you have something to hide that you try & stop something from happening.
Just look at all those arrests taking place? Isn't that a clear sign of desperation?

Anonymous said...

This Hantulaut is an idiot.

The examples he is quoting is like saying, from where I am standing here in Kuala Lumpur, I cannot see Singapore island.

Because I cannot see Singapore, therefore, it must not exist.

Just because the Opposition won does not mean elections are free and fair lah.

This is because IN SPITE of the corrupt electoral process, the Opposition has STILL won.

Ada faham kah.

Hantu Laut said...


No matter how logical my questions are it would not convince people like you because you are completely indoctrinated by the opposition's propaganda.

PAS held Kelantan for over 20 years, if it's true the BN can manipulate the election results why did they not do to get back Kelantan?

Maybe, you have a brilliant answer for this other than the elections being free and fair.

That's what those donkeys are trying to tell the people, they were cheated when in fact they were the one trying to cheat the people by their persistant lies.

You accused BN of buying politicians but it is OK for Anwar to do. Remember Sept 16.He eventually made himself a laughing stock.

SM, wake up, Pakatan is no better than the BN, just watch out the wolf in sheep clothing.

Anonymous said...

I took this from another blog. It is an 8 point request from Bersih to the EC to improve on current practices. Does it sounud unreasonable or has the EC already reached these in their KPI (where relevant) ?

1. Clean the electoral roll
2. Reform postal ballot
3. Use of indelible ink
4. Minimum 21 days campaign period
5. Free and fair access to media
6. Strengthen public institutions
7. Stop corruption
8. Stop dirty politics

Even if one is pro-govt, these should be issues that the rakyat should be supportive of.

Anonymous said...

Whatever is the situation now it seems that the past years of silent request for Electoral reforms had fallen on deaf ears.

I think the 8 points are relevant in view of some outlandish abuse that had been highlighted like postal ballots, media access (now with internet, seems not to be so much an issue as before), electoral roll errors (deliberate or not, one cannot tell), the indelible ink issue (the EC explanation is a joke!), and longer campaigning time.

The electoral boundary is a big issue. How can the EC justifying constituencies with one third the electorates of urban areas?

The elections maybe not 100% unfair and bias but the perception that the EC and Police is under the command of BN/UMNO must be corrected.

So PR won 5 states and Kelantan kept its power is an indication that election is fair and free? How can one answer that BN won 51% of the popular votes and command nearly 2/3 of the parliament?


Are You Gonna Go My Way said...

It will always be an unfair election unless and until DAP,PAS and PKR won...

Those that support BN are not real people because they are stupid..their vote dont count.. so they dont have any right at all to support the government of the day.

Nik Aziz, Anwar and Lim Guan Eng are other people are capable to rule this country.

enough said.

SM said...

Bro HL,

No, PR is not the same as BN. I would say PKR is the same as UMNO (!). So you got it partially correct! After all DSAI, deep down will always be UMNO. He behaves as if he's still in UMNO!
However, I do not believe that PAS & DAP are like the BN.

Anonymous said...

SM and Anonymous,

Both of you are idiots. Both of you gave ideas, opinions, hearsay...but not facts. I agree with the say that it will always be an unfair election unless and until DAP,PAS and PKR won... and you can go to fucking hell about it...hahaha...

mohamed said...

SAM, July 1, 2011 7:49 AM

"1/ Because the people of Kelantan are so against the corrupted, evil, Racist, non-Islamic like rule of the UMNO/BN Government, that's how."

This exactly the point Hantu Laut and many, many Rakyaat are saying. If the there is dishonesty on the part of UMNO/BN Goverment, Kelantan PAS would not have won a single seat, let alone the state elections.

Faham? It is not that difficult, isnt?

Anonymous said...

I surely knew that those who contradicted hantu laut are living in a very confort zone... u may not experienced the hardship ...kaya la kut ..or people with no experience living overseas .. or. never in their life mixing with malays .... sekolah rendah pun skolah cina and never bersyukur on what they have.... do you think such a peaceful place like Malaysia can be found anywhere ... u may oppose but think again and again ... hilangkan marah tu dgn membantu orang miskin dan susah .. jgn cakap jer semua salah without looking at yourself la... cheers

Helena said...

Just because you can quote examples of how the opposition has won seats, doesn't mean that we shouldn't do anything else to improve things, in this case, the way elections are run.
The 8 points that are brought up by BERSIH is beneficial in improving our elections process for BOTH BN and opposition parties.
Both BN and PR have politicsed BERSIH, without a doubt. But that does not make BERSIH's calls irrelevant.
How is cleaning up the electoral roll a bad thing? How is the usage of indelible ink to make sure 1 person doesn't vote more than once a bad thing? How does the reformation of the postal voting a bad thing? How is stopping corruption and dirty politics a bad thing?
Perhaps if those who are opposing BERSIH's calls can refute the 8 points logically, then we are definitely open to a rationale discussion. But instead the BN govt has decided to play their usual fear mongering tactics and to turn it into a racial issue which will make the rakyat even more incensed to join the rally.

Sayang Bangsa said...

hantu laut

Don't waste your time talking to stupid fellows just like their porn star leader.
The answer is our EC has always been impartial.
But for Bersih, if PKR wins then it's fair, if PKR loses then its unfair.
Bersihkanlah hatimu Nuar. Bila masuk jel ingatlah Tuhan.
Janganlah nak menang jadi PM tapi rakyat dan negara porak-peranda dan jadi 13 Mei.
Kau bukannya boleh menjadi macam Tun Razak dan King Ghaz yang berjaya merapatkan semula kaum.
Ajak bercakap dan bergaduh bolehlah.

SM said...

Bro HL,

As usual when these retards can't argue anymore (i.e. Anonymous 4:11PM) they resort to vulgarities & think it's funny (hahahaha?).
No wonder the BN is fast going downwards, with mentally challanged supporters like this Anonymous 4:11PM,how can they progress?!

Anonymous said...

Hantu, my opinion is that the EC need to reforms. I admit I am bias.

I am not privy to first hand information about the state of thigs but so is 99 % of the population, including bloggers.

Let me explain how I reach my opinion that the EC need reforms. I read the MSMs and opposition newspapers, blogs (pro and against), online foreign news portal, opinions from collegues, my fish ball vendor, satay man, mamak vendor, university students, foreign based Malaysians, my neighbours, drinking friends et al. I apologised to all the people I did not mention "Sorry" . Gather all the information and opinions opinions, ocassional discussed issues during dinner get-together with family, friends, in laws, sometimes formal occasions like annual diners. After all these, I believe EC needs reforms and I won't accept any thing less. I told you, I am bias.

Anonymous said...


you ini memang JAHIL.

8 simple request and it's not politically driven. Even if gov approve 4 out of 8 rakyat can be satisfied.

look at the way how the handle the transfer of power in state government in Perak.....video2 lucah....and also other events like TBH inquest.....etc....etc....

i'm not saying who is right or wrong...but it looks like the rakyat knows who is doing more wrong then right....