Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Anarchy In The UK:Between a Rock and A Hard Place

Hantu Laut

The rioting is no more confined to London it has spread to other cities.Manchester, Salford, Wolverhampton, Nottingham, Leicester and Birmingham with shops being looted and set alight.

A separate crowd in Manchester's Market Street has set fire to a Miss Selfridge shop. They then moved on to damage and loot other stores.

Is David Cameron "between a rock and a hard place" that till now he has not been able to make a sensible decision how to put out this flame of outrage.

If the UK government do not impose curfew in the trouble spots and order the police to shoot (with live ammo) on sight those who broke the law there will be complete anarchy in the UK as seen in Paris some 6 years ago.The one in Paris was better contained as it was only confined to the suburbs and did not touch the city proper.

The Sex Pistol's "Anarchy in the UK"

This the country that want to export and impose its brand of freedom and democracy to the third and developing world.

They prefer to let freedom prevails at the cost of massive destruction to properties and lives of innocent people rather than taking tough measures to protect lives and properties from hordes of scumbags rampaging the streets, looting, burning buildings and cars at will.

Najib did the right thing to take preemptive action against Bersih.

It is a breath of fresh air looking at what is happening in the UK right now.The sight of burning buildings and cars are just too much to ingest.People's homes and businesses being burn down all for the sake of mindless violence.

Malaysians should be relieved the government did right to stop the massive rally from taking place.

Of course, the antagonists and potential troublemakers would not agree.


Freddie Kevin said...

Salam HL,

The Govt was soft. That Ambiga and the whole BERSHIT steering committee should have been warned and detained as consequence of an illegal act.

Thank you

SM said...

Bro HL,

Two entirely different scenerios!
By the way, I see you have a NEW side-kick here! Where's Brio Eddy?
I have not "cross-swords" with our Bro Eddy for a long time.

Hantu Laut said...


There is no difference, any rally, demo and protest can get out of hand and turn ugly. It could be pro-Pakatan supporters, it could be pro-UMNO supporters or it could be just any troublemaker. It takes only one stone to hit the wrong target and you'll get complete mayhem.

Sarcasm is not a virtue.

Y1 said...

Salam HL,
I just do not understand. How can anyone relate the two as similar?

Two different scenarios. Two completely different group of people. One for reform for the better of the country and the government feel threatened. The other marching in anger and the police acted with restrained and it got out of hand! One by people of all age and professions and backgrounds with good intentions and with notice. The other by opportunistic young mobs without jobs and constrains out to rob.

The two are cheese and chalk by comparison. It defies logic to paint them under the same brush. If the British law enforcement are like our PDRM Malaya and Malaysia will never be formed! See the difference?

Y1 said...

I found this article by Art Harun after I commented! He writes so much better than I do!