Thursday, August 11, 2011

London Riots:Of Black Scums and White Trash

Hantu Laut

What should we call the people who ran riot,looting, destroying other people's businesses and properties for the past four days in half-a-dozen British cities?

Do you want to be politically correct and called them protesters like what the BBC and the British media did.

What are they protesting about? Asking for fair and free elections, against racial discrimination or just pure badness, madness and criminality?

A rioter in London poses in front of a burning van

Genuine protesters do not loot, attack the police, torch properties and vehicles.

The West was quick to brand any form of extremism involving Muslims as terrorism.What do they consider those black scums and white trash as? The incendiary attacks on properties and human lives, are they any different from terrorism?

Obviously, the Western type of laissez-faire parenting mixed with the black voodoo culture has muddled the gene pool of offspring mired in badness and indiscipline.

Buildings burn on Tottenham High Road, London after youths protested against the killing of Mark Duggan by armed police in an attempted arrest

Buildings burn on Tottenham High Road, London after youths protested against the killing of Mark Duggan by armed police in an attempted arrest

I have no time for political correctness and indulge in niceties with these monsters, an evil manifestations of its nurture and conditioning.

Are they not thugs,scumbags,hooligans, criminal opportunists and last but not least terrorists? The products of bad parents and bad parenting.

Here, an eleven-year old caught for looting. He was just unlucky there were probably more of his delinquent that got away.Where were the parents of these young punks, were they also involved in rioting and looting?

I am always against any street demonstration, no matter how peaceful the organisers claimed it to be.The London riots are reminders that it takes only one man to start a feeding frenzy.

Ambiga and Bersih beware!


Purple haze said...

A large percentage of people who marched on July 9 probably have jobs, unlike the unemployed in Egypt and the yobs in London.

The Bersih people were marching for electoral reform. A sizeable number are from the middle class, and the middle class all over the world are not looters or people who are willing to lose their employment by getting arrested!

So for the police and Home Ministry to liken the Bersih rally to the situation in Egypt and London is dishonest.

There is a difference between RIOTS and PROTESTS.

Anonymous said...

It is fit and proper that a Malaysian should be the first one to point out ethnicity as the driving force behind these riots.

That is of course a product of their upbringing which sees everything as part of race.

However, the issue in UK is different if this blogger bothered to do some basic research.

There has been a series of protests in the UK and this is not new, perhaps just more violent. What about the student protests a year or so ago? Or the anti capitalist protests that have had their fair share of violence.

Furthermore, unemployment has spiked up in the UK. Some people were pissed that the UK Govt bailed out the financial firms and heaped the misery on the population.

The last point if you want to add would be race. But it would race and poor socio economic situation.

As to your posturing on black voodoo culture, do be reminded that unless you are a white man, what platform do you have to criticize race? Are you of superior stock?

SM said...

Bro HL,

Give it a rest lah. The more you & the pro-UMNO Bloggers harp on this the longer will Malaysians remember what happened on 907.
As I said, two different scenerios.
As you mentioned in your article, the goons who came out in the UK are criminals. Even the British Armed Forces Radio we get here in Brunei said that these were Criminals who took advantage of the situation.
Ambiga & BERSIH are nothing like these goons.

Hantu Laut said...

You, the whole Pakatan and Bersih mob missed the point. Precaution is better than cure.Ambiga can promise the moon that it'll be a peaceful protest but can she control the crowd if something untoward happened.Talk is cheap.

Some Malaysians are pathetic they applaud the UK police for their feebleness and inaction to stop the rampage, comparing how nice they were to the rioters, no tear gas, no water cannon and no police brutality like our police force.

If it were your houses and shops being burned down than you would know what the feeling is like.Now, the UK police and the PM are in the hot soup for their inadequate action against the rioters that have cost hundreds of million of pounds in damages.

Bersih rally is a fake, it's not about free and fair elections, it's was designed by the oppositions to inflict maximum damage on Najib's administration.You can read the abundance of lies and muckraking propagated by pro-opposition blogs and news portal.

SM said...

Bro HL,

We can argue until the proverbial cows come home but it ain't going to change the fact that the PDRM & FRU shot chemical lased watercannons & tear gas at peaceful Malaysian protesters. Shot Tear Gas into the Hospital (& later lied even though there was overwhelming evidence).
They weren't going to burn & break into any shops. In fact there were lots of cases where the shop owners who had their shops open were doing good business & many of these shop owners were cheering the BERSIH crowd too.
The EC & UMNO Government are corrupted & crooked & the Elections are rigged up nicely to ensure that BN wins...we ALL know that. The cancelling of indelible ink issue still has no excuse. And now, it's slowly being revealed that there are "one or two" phantom voters!
As for Najib, well, if he had the honesty to fulfil his promise to let the BERSIH crowd have their hoo-haa in a Stadium, none of this would have happened.
I say, you guys keep on harping on this issue...keep it fresh in Malaysian minds, until the next GE comes along!

de engineur said...

It is very disturbing to see children in their early teen to be involved in attacking and robbing their victims.
I cannot help but think that we have lost a part of our soul- our common humanity