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Xenophobic Singaporeans

Hantu Laut

Xenophobia is defined as "fear or hatred of foreigners and strangers"

Xenophobia can manifest in many forms, fear of losing one's identity, fear and hatred for other culture, suspicion and aggression are just some of the irrational fears of a xenophobic person.

The working class Singaporeans are suffering from this malady complaining of losing jobs to foreigners.

Singapore has an open door policy for Chinese from mainland China.They are in coffee shops, in shopping malls, in supermarkets, at gas stations, at construction sites and populating or polluting the much-loved open-air food courts called hawker centers.

Their presence are also felt in five-star hotels.A recent encounter found a Mandarin-speaking maid who could not comprehend a word of English. To add to the woes, Singapore's two bus companies have been hiring drivers from China.

My stay at two major hotels in Singapore late last year confirmed the fear bewailed by Singaporeans.Almost all the housekeeping staffs came from China.

A police report was lodged against a Filipina for what was construed as insults to Singaporeans on remarks she posted on Facebook in defence of PAP Malaysian MP Penny Low admonished by Singaporeans for looking at her cellphone while the national anthem was being played.

Is it a crime to call someone "incompetent"?

A police report has been made against Ms Rachelle Ann Beguia, who incurred the ire of many netizens with her comments on MP Penny Low’s Facebook wall.

Ms Beguia sparked a massive outcry among netizens by posting a series of derogatory comments belittling Singaporeans in her zeal to defend PAP Malaysian MP Penny Low who was under heavy criticisms herself for looking down at her handphone when the National Anthem was played during the National Day Parade.

The National Heart Centre where Ms Beguia is employed as a clerk also said that they will conduct an official enquiry into the “insensitive” comments made by Ms Beguia.

According to the complainant who lodged the report online, he will be meeting the IO (Investigating Officer) today (Aug 12).

Ms Beguia has since apologised for her comments in a Facebook post yesterday (Aug 11) saying:

“I am very sorry for the insensitive comments I have posted earlier. It was a lack of judgement. For those who have been hurt by those comments. I am very sorry once again.”

The latest saga came barely two weeks after another ‘FT” Wang Peng Fei from China was expelled from his school for making racist remarks against Malay ladies in a self-made video clip as social tensions between Singaporeans and foreigners continue to rise due to the PAP’s unthinking and indiscriminate pro-foreigner and mass-immigration policies.

Mr Wang managed to “breeze” out of Singapore right under the police’s nose.

In the meantime, a group of Singaporeans plan to gather at National Heart Centre on Mon 15 Aug 2011 at 12 – 2 pm (lunch hr) dress in black to protest against Ms Rachelle’s comments and to demand that NHC sack Ms Rachelle immediately.

Below is what trigger off the sensitivities of Singaporeans.

Rachelle Ann Beguia: Singaporeans are INCOMPETENT!

In a sign that Singaporeans are losing their dignity in the eyes of foreigners, a Filipino ‘FT’ Rachelle Ann Beguia openly called Singaporeans ‘incompetent’ on the Facebook of PAP MP Penny Low from Malaysia.

Ms Rachelle was responding to a comment posted by a Singaporean on foreigners snatching jobs and flats from Singaporeans to which she replied callously:

“If foreigners can come and snatch your (Singaporean) jobs and flats it only shows one thing…how incompetent you are.”

Her comment appeared to be endorsed by Ms Low as she did not bother to delete it though she had a busy day yesterday deleting comments posted by Singaporeans lampooning her for not respecting the National Anthem.

Ms Rachelle also admitted readily that she is ‘bootlicking’ Ms Low because it ‘benefits’ her. It is not known what assistance Mrs Low is giving Ms Rachelle, if any. Foreigners usually seek PAP MPs’ help in PR and citizenship application or in obtaining social visit passes to bring their entire families to reside in Singapore.

According to information posted on Ms Rachelle’s Facebook, she graduated with a Bachelor in Community Health Service from Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, a University in the Philipines.

She came over to Singapore to study for a diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management at ERC Institute, a private school.

It was revealed online by a netizen that Ms Rachelle is currently working as a clerk at the Medical Record Office of National Heart Centre. Her manager is Ms Angela Ho who can be contacted at 64367648, email:

Ms Rachelle’s remarks should not come as a surprise due to the PAP regime’s groveling of foreigners and constant exhortations to Singaporeans to ‘embrace’ them with an ‘open heart’.

During his recent National Day Rally, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong implored Singaporeans not to turn ‘negative’ on foreigners.

Due to the PAP’s pro-foreigner and ultra-liberal immigration policies, the number of foreigners now make up 43 percent of Singapore’s population, up from 14 percent in 1990. Of the remaining 57 percent who are so-called ‘citizens’, an increasing number are born overseas.

It is not known if Ms Rachelle is a Singapore PR or citizen, but no prizes for guessing who she will vote for in GE 2016 if she becomes a new Singapore citizen by then.

With the repressive PAP regime losing support from native Singaporeans, it is following the cue from Malaysia’s UMNO in mass-importing and fast-converting foreigners into instant ‘grateful citizens’ in exchange for their votes.

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