Monday, September 12, 2011

Hisham! What Crime Has Mat Sabu Committed?

Hantu Laut

Hishammuddin Onn, keeper of the Grand Duchy said it is up to the AG (Attorney General) to charge or not to charge Mat Sabu here and also signifies that the ISA would not be used, not yet anyway, against Mat Sabu here. Which means he is keeping his option open in the event the AG couldn't find appropriate section of the law to charge poor Mat Sabu for expressing his unworldly opinion.

Hishammuddin said there were other laws available that could be applied towards Mat Sabu’s alleged remarks, but did not specifically identify the offence the opposition leader may have committed.

I wonder which law Mat Sabu has broken for the Minister to even dare broach the idea of charging him? Are we really running out of the right to free speech? It is his opinion and as ridiculous as it may sound I do not think he has broken any law.

Malaysia do not have any anti-denial law like those passed in Germany and a number of European countries making it a criminal offence to deny that the "Holocaust" ever happened. Many historians are critical and against the law which they claimed suppressed the universal right to free speech.Most holocaust deniers perceived the 'Holocaust' as a Jewish conspiracy to advance Jewish interest at the expense of other people.

Is Mat Sabu a denier, a historical revisionist or a shit-stirrer? I am not sure which section of the law is applicable for dealing with buffoonery? I would say something laughable rather than an offence.

You can criticise, condemn, ridicule or poke fun at Mat Sabu but to charge him with an offence for saying the attackers of Bukit Kepong were the real heroes (which I disagree in my earlier posting) is totally absurd.

I'll be surprised if the AG would have the conscience to charge him.I'll be even more sorry for UMNO if the Home Minister decide to use the ISA on him.

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SM said...

Bro HL,

I'm glad that you are honest enough to ask this question.
I guess it's only a "rehtorical" statement from Hishamuddin. Even he can't be "that stupid"...however, he has proven to be "that stupid" in the past so I won't bet my life on it.
As for the AG, well, I doubt he has much of a conscience!
He will do what he is instructed to do.