Saturday, October 1, 2011

PAS/Pakatan Leaders Should Visit Chin Peng ( National Hero)

Hantu Laut

PAS leaders, particularly, Mat Sabu should visit national hero Chin Peng lying critically ill on his death bed in a hospital in Bangkok.

If Mohmmad Indera is a national hero than Chin Peng must be one even bigger national hero because he was the leader of the CPM that tried to liberate Malaya from British colonial rule and Mohammad Indera came from the same organisation.

In the past some opposition leaders have asked the government to allow Chin Peng to return to Malaysia but to no avail.Maybe, they should appeal for his body to be brought back so he can lie in state for Malaysians to show their last respect to this mass murderer.

Travestying history is their next sophistical project to fool the foolhardy Malaysians.


Anonymous said...

Another who has been influenced by the Umno Utusan's propaganda. what a stupid suggestion.

Anonymous said...

I agree (not for the same sarcastic reasons as HantuLaut)that opposition leaders should pay respect to Chin Peng as he was one of the country's heroes who fought the Japanese and later the British.

Anonymous said...

Jgn depa ajak kita duk menyampaikan takziah dah.
i have no tears to shed, sorry. when this name comes up, i can only see the sufferings of our people during the bintang tiga reign of terror.

Bedul said...

My thoughts too when I read today's Star.
Anyone knows whether Marx Sabo has made block bookings on Air Asia for his PAS bosses and Mat Leather King and the two kowtim Lims.
Maybe he can arrange for him to be buried at Thailand's Heroes Mausoleum.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon 5:46, if yr family members were brutally murdered by bintang tiga, you wld have written the opposite. That's for sure..