Sunday, December 11, 2011

"Angry Birds" Malaysia's Beacon Of Hope

Hantu Laut

The hyperbolic "Angry Birds" has become a beacon of hope for PAS Youth, asking Malaysians to emulate the birds killing pigs that stole their eggs.

If pigs could fly angry birds would be dead meat.

Food for thought. As a Muslim, given the choice, I would rather kill the birds and eat them and leave the pigs alone.I guess my non-Muslim friends would kill both birds and pigs and eat them all ( if you'll forgive the pun)

I must admit, I too play '"Angry Birds" and it's a challenge every steps of the way. If you reach a very difficult level use the genocidal "Black Eagles". Presto! You massacre all the pigs.

There are many comic characters fighting against injustice and evil.

Superman, Spiderman, Batman and host of other do-gooders which seemed far too complicated for PAS Youth to understand.

Was it the birds or the pigs the source of inspiration?

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