Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Malaysian Winter,Money Can't Buy Me Love

Hantu Laut

Who coined the catch phrase "Arab Spring"? Nobody really know. The concoction implies that the Arabs have been sleeping all this while allowing dictatorship and injustice to dictate their existence and suddenly waking up to an unpremeditated revolution for greater democratic freedom.A kind of spontaneous combustion and wildfire.

It could have come from the European Revolution of 1848 where over 50 countries were effected by uprisings against monarchies and dictatorship.

The revolution began in France and immediately spread to most parts of Europe except for UK and Russia. It is also known as the "Spring of Nations". Similar to the "Arab Spring" there was no coherence, coordination or cooperation among the revolutionaries in different countries.The uprisings was led by ad-hoc reformers, the middle class and the proletariat. The disorganised revolutions were unable to hold together for long. Some of the countries returned to its old ways.

In the case of France, the victor, Louis Napoleon Bonaparte created the French Second Republic, but after only four years returned the country to a monarchy and dictatorship.

The Arab Spring is likely to end in a debacle similar to the European Revolutions of 1848.Egypt is clearly heading that way and the potentiality for Islamist party and extremism to fill up the power vacuum and take over control of the country.

For the Western nations that supported democratisation of the Arab countries it would become another painful reminder of what happened in Iraq and Afghanistan when they faced common enemies, they were very good friends and the West joyfully supplying war machines to the Iraqis and the Afghan Mujaheddin.

Both countries later turned against the West, particularly the US, that ended up with military occupation of both countries.

Malaysia, is on a crossroad of change, a political upheaval that have brought waves of euphoria to the oppositions and certain sector of the general population that have had enough of over half a century of what they deemed as authoritarian rule, covenanted by restrictive laws and debased by runaway corruptions.

A general elections would be held soon, possibly, anytime between January to June and will see the most intensely fought elections ever.It would be Malaysia's "Winter of Discontent."

It will be one elections that's impossible to predict, at this stage, the outcome.It is still very cloudy.The cloud would only clear up after dissolution of parliament, giving a clearer view, postulating the true political scenario.

The BN, having bigger war chest, may have better chance, but, sometimes, no matter how much you try, money can't buy love.

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