Thursday, December 8, 2011

Malaysia's Indian Summer

Hantu Laut

Eleanor Roosevelt, the wife of US President Franklin Roosevelt once said "Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people"

She was reflecting on people who indulged in trivialities, pettiness and useless gossips that would not bring any worthy benefits to mankind.

Pakatan Rakyat has plenty of such people who like to dwell on trivialities.

Their political agenda is to make as much noise as possible no matter how trivial and stupid the issue may be.Many Malaysians are caught in their histrionics and risible model of rectitude. The holier than thou types.

I will not pretend that the present regime is not at fault and as clean as a whistle, they are not, they have many bad habits and disagreeable traits.

Looking at Pakatan line up, particularly, with Anwar at the helm, I do not expect better days for Malaysia, should they be successful in capturing Putrajaya. A leopard will never change its spots. A lion always return to its den.

The "Arab Spring" which Anwar promised would be his last resort should they lose the coming general elections is not the template we should copy. Desperate needs call for desperate measures. Anwar's last desperate run to be prime minister.

It is now Malaysia's Indian Summer, the hottest days before the general elections, where anything goes, both sides running the gauntlet.

Here, the Geobbels of Pakatan Rakyat, having no better issues to pick, is making a mountain out of a molehill.........accusing Najib of hypocrisy of his announcement of 29,000 redundancies in the civil service after he attacked Pakatan for wanting to halve the civil service work force if they came to power.

Tony Pua, is not likely to be poor in Maths, the Chinese are very good in that subject, which is why they are better business people.There is a big difference between 50% and 0.02%.

It's simple arithmetic, Pakatan's promised a downsizing of 50%, Najib only announced 29,000 which is 0.02% of the total workforce.

Tony! so, what the big deal?

Frankly, I personally agree with Tony, the civil service should be halved.

Not only that, MAS, another sick institution is now experimenting with new business model, doing all the wrong things, should also halve its workforce (that would be another subject I'll write about).

Tony Fernandez is giving them the run around.


Freddie Kevin said...

Salam HL,

This failed entrepreneur turned health inspector is really tin kosong.

Never any cogent issue to offer.

Real Tompel.

Freddie Kevin said...


Sama macam dia punya boss.

I wanted to send him my gaji this month for his birthday but he won't accept.

Ini Zairil Abdullah pun terror punya publicity karut.


Purple Haze said...


We all know that the Malaysian Civil Service needs some downsizing as it will certinly improve its productivity metrics. In this age of computerisation, it is incomprehensible why govt depts continue to increase head count incessantly. 29,000 is a miniscule cut.

If the Immigration Dept can renew passports in a day, why aren't other depts as efficient ?

MAS's problems is not head count but carrying load factors which are economically not feasible. These routes are the extremely long haul ones like to Buenos Aires and Joburg.

Another is to separate the local operations and the international ones. Generally, one will find the international routes to be profitable and local ones not so.

As for PR or BN, you may be right that there may not be any difference. However, we've already seen what pillage BN is capable of. PR govts in the opposition controlled states aren't doing too badly (but not highlighted in HantuLaut's blog much) but that is not to say that they won't pillage either.

The point is - if both are poor, let's see how bad the other one is before the rakyat can really deliver its verdict. I mean, if the BN-majority govt can willy nilly pass the so-called Peaceful Assembly Bill without bothering to hear from the rakyat, that does not give me assurance that the BN-majority govt of the day has the rakyat's concerns at heart.