Monday, January 9, 2012

The Verdict: Guilty or Not Guilty?

Hantu Laut

The verdict! Will Anwar be found guilty or not? Will the verdict change the political landscape of this country?

PKR drumming up supports for massive street rally hoping to turn it into Malaysian version of the Arab Spring, may, turn out to be a bridge too far.

As much as I am not fond of Anwar, I think he should get off the charge against him.

The prosecution screw up pretty well.

In not so many words, Anwar, should be as free as a bird.

The world is watching.

Posted: Barcelona


Pak Zawi said...

They should not have charged him of sodomy in the first place as Sodomy1 is still fresh in many people's mind as a trumped up charge.

SM said...

Bro HL,

With one swoop of the pen, Najib has turned the tide on the DSAI & the Opposition!
As I have always said, Najib ain't no Sleepy Head Pak Lah!
Now that DSAI has been acquitted, especially with the help of our bungling Prosecution (seriously, when is our Government going to hire real Lawyers & not 3rd rate idiots?), the Opposition is not going to be able to count of sympathy votes.
Anyone who under-estimates Najib should seriously think twice!
I won't be surprised if the Bn wins back its 2/3rds Majority in the next GE. Najib has been playing the game like a Virtuoso!

Purple Haze said...

Anwar is acquitted.

A victory for the Malaysian judiciary.

Malaysia looks like a better place to live in.

Anonymous said...

For once I agree with your your opinion.

I would say Yusof was not only stupid but was unprofessional to prosecute this case. It was reported that Najib had coaxed him to withdraw his letter of resignation and had asked him to prosecute this case. Well Siful did meet Najib and that police officer 2 days bf the alleged sodomy purportedly claiming to be sodomized. So it is true Najib has so much interest in this sodomy the point of fixing up this case.

As far as I know,in all the rape or sodomy cases being tried in our malaysian court, it is incumbent upon the prosecution to call both Najib and Rodwan( infamous for his role in Sodomy 1) to testify for the prosecution to rebut any adverse inferences that they have evidences which are unfavorable to the prosecution or to rebut any allegations that they planned or fabricated the whole sodomy story. By not calling both Najib and Rodwan to testify, the Judge should have kicked out the prosecution case w/o calling for the accused defence. I don't see why he has to drag the case and waste tax payers money in the process.